CFA Media Release on Resignation of President Michael Hogan

For immediate release: March 23, 2012

 The Campus Faculty Association regrets that the university has had to spend so much time and energy on the battle with President Hogan and his attempts to interfere with the legitimate processes of shared governance. While the faculty experienced great difficulty with President Hogan’s style and lack of integrity, we continue to have grave reservations about the centralizing processes that the Board of Trustees hired him to pursue.   While some faculty will see Hogan’s resignation as a final victory or at least feel that we should allow the administration time to recover from the latest collapse, the corporatization of the university and the centralization of administrative power predates Michael Hogan’s arrival and remains a priority for the BOT.

Hence, we remain concerned about the University’s direction.  Administrative bloat, the decline in numbers of permanent faculty, the lack of a serious plan to help under-represented Illinoisans study at UIUC, the ineffective process of recruitment and retention of faculty, sub-par faculty salaries in many units , and a continuing neglect of faculty and student input into matters that affect educational quality are pressing concerns.  While Michael Hogan is leaving, we do not expect these central, substantive issues to go away.  We need to hear a clear change of direction from the Board of Trustees itself.

We hope the University of Illinois’s three campuses can now go on to more productive and important tasks, the most vital  of these being to protect the educational and research quality of our University.  For a start we call on the Board to recognize the faculty union at UI Chicago. But beyond that, at UIUC we believe that a strong faculty voice backed up by collective bargaining holds the key to protecting our University as we move forward.  This is the only way we can fulfill our deep commitment to UIUC and its tradition of excellent research, teaching and service to the people of Illinois.  At this point of crisis the fate of a great university turns on our ability to organize ourselves and re-direct our institution back to its mission of research, teaching and service. We call on all faculty to join us in this task.

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