CFA News Bulletin on Academic Senate

A CFA member who attended the November  meeting of the UIUC Academic Senate had the following interesting items to report:

  •  The meeting unanimously  approved a Student Senate resolution against any retribution directed at members of the Graduate Employees Organization who may soon go on strike. It was noted that such a strike would be an entirely legal action. The resolution called for a timely and fair resolution by both parties through the contract negotiation process.
  •  In response to a lengthy budget update by Michael Andrechak, Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost for Budgets and Resource Planning, CFA President Jim Barrett asked where the money saved from the “furloughs” in 2009 had gone.   Andrechak reported that it had been “sequestered,” though he didn’t say where the funds  were sequestered or if there were any plans for “unsequestration. “

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