Our Weekly Reader for the Week of 7/28/13

The Board of Trustees met this week and extended Pres. Easter for a year, with the promise of potential bonuses. USC Chair Nick Burbules used his farewell address as an opportunity to vent against unionization. BOT chair Chris Kennedy further told the News-Gazette that unionization threatened the “greatness of the university.” CFA Communications Chair Susan Davis said in reply, “We’re not interested in destroying the university. We’re interested in protecting pensions, improving benefits and wages and workplace safety.”

In other news, it came out that the Civic Committee, which has been pushing huge cutbacks in state pensions, went so far as to have some members urge rating agencies to lower the state’s bond ratings. The story developed over the week on Rich Miller’s CapitolFax.com and hasn’t made the major Chicago print media, except in Miller’s Sun-Times column.

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