The Gender and Women’s Studies Faculty on Racism and Sexism

The Gender and Women’s Studies Department has issued an eloquent statement on the most recent public outburst of racism and sexism on our campus.  (GWS Statement in Support of Chancellor Wise) They say, in part, that this spectacle in social media registers many people’s experience.

“While these hateful messages targeted Chancellor Wise, they in fact reveal a pervasive and pernicious attitude within campus culture about women, indigenous peoples, and people of color in general, and Asian American and Asian women in particular, especially when they hold positions of authority. While this incident was a highly public spectacle — with abundant direct evidence of this hostility — we are also troubled by the racist and sexist climate (and sometimes physical violence) that women faculty, staff, and students (especially indigenous women and women of color) face everyday, whether online, in the hallway, on the street, or in the classroom.”

Published by Susan Davis

I teach in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois.

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