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Dear Alma,

I’m  amazed at the confusion of the anti-unionists on campus.  First they say that a faculty union is going to destroy shared governance and the Senate – then, when they see the UI Chicago contract,  they say they’re thrilled and reassured to see that it affirms the University statutes and upholds the traditional role of the Senate, just as CFA has always said a contract could and would do.

Next they say that they’re glad to see a conventional “fair share dues” provision in the contract, as CFA has said it would aim for here. But they spent the spring complaining shrilly about how unfair fair share dues are. Can you explain?

Love, Sober Sides

Dear Sidey,

Strange things happen when people sit down and soberly read a union contract. Sometimes the world seems a better place, all of a sudden!

At the end of the day, what matters to our colleagues in Chicago is that they worked together to gain respect and resources that will help them make UIC a better place, too.




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