PRESS RELEASE: Hundreds of University of Illinois Educators Form Union

Hundreds of University of Illinois Educators Form Union 7/09/2014 Non-tenure track faculty in Champaign-Urbana join national movement to improve university working conditions and student success CHAMPAIGN – Nearly 500 Non-tenure track (NTT) faculty at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) won a major victory by forming a union, which was certified today by the laborContinue reading “PRESS RELEASE: Hundreds of University of Illinois Educators Form Union”

Atoma Batoma

ATOMA BATOMA Associate Professor, Library When universities are run according to a corporate model, the quality of education suffers and intellectual freedom, as well as the freedom of speech, is jeopardized. Faculty unions, insofar as they seek to construct and support a model of shared governance, protect the university from the long-term damage caused byContinue reading “Atoma Batoma”

Lisa Rosenthal

LISA ROSENTHALAssociate Professor, Art History A union will help make the university a better workplace for faculty, will provide a stronger and more effective institution for our students, and will protect the values of public education in Illinois.