Dianne Harris

DIANNE HARRISProfessor, Landscape Architecture; Director, Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities I believe in the values that unions represent. A union can help us move toward more democratic decision making on campus, better shared governance, and the deliberate, transparent resolution of the complex problems we face. Having a faculty union would help us makeContinue reading “Dianne Harris”

Eric Benson

ERIC BENSON Associate Professor, Graphic Design Collective bargaining will lead to a more transparent, equitable, and merit-based system for compensation, as well as a balance between compensation for administration and for faculty. A union can also call attention to administrative bloat and help overcome a disconnect between the faculty and the administration.

Tariq Ali

TARIQ ALI Assistant Professor, History As a new faculty member, I am concerned about rising tuition costs, declining access to higher education, the gradual erosion of tenure, the defunding of programs in the humanities, and other trends in higher education. University faculty, particularly new and young teachers, need to express their concerns and help shapeContinue reading “Tariq Ali”

Feisal Mohamed

FEISAL MOHAMED Professor, English, Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, and Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory Collective bargaining is emphatically not a declaration of war. It seeks the forging of productive partnerships with other constituencies on campus, whether the university administration, student groups, or service workers. But it also recognizes that trueContinue reading “Feisal Mohamed”

John Toenjes

JOHN TOENJES Associate Professor and Music Director, Dance The number of central administration positions and their salaries outweigh faculty numbers and salaries. A faculty union could help bring this ratio back into a reasonable balance.