Stephen Andrew Taylor

STEPHEN ANDREW TAYLOR Associate Professor, Music I see a faculty union as both a protection against the corporate culture increasingly invading American universities and an optimistic step forward in self-governance—a real chance for faculty on the front lines of higher education to have a say in our rapidly changing present and future.

Dean Riechers

DEAN RIECHERS Professor, Crop Sciences A larger collective body provides an effective way for faculty members’ voices to be heard on the university’s central academic mission and priorities, to improve the quality of higher education and academic scholarship, and to ensure fair and equitable working conditions.

Jay Rosenstein

JAY ROSENSTEIN Professor, Journalism; Peabody Award Winner (2010); University Scholar (2013) “Shared governance” is nothing but a favor the administration extends to faculty—when they want. They can include us or ignore us depending on how they feel, so naturally on issues such as salary, furloughs, pensions, and executive compensation they ignore us. A union wouldContinue reading “Jay Rosenstein”

Angharad Valdivia

ANGHARAD VALDIVIA Professor, Media and Cinema Studies Collective engagement provides the foundation for transparency and accountability in the educational process. Education is a common good that we owe to this and future generations. I support the faculty as we strive to continue providing a world-class education to our students.

David Wilson

DAVID WILSON Professor, Geography and Geographic Information Science Faculty members deserve a voice in their own governance. We currently lack the key mechanism for this that many university workers across America have: collective bargaining.

Amanda Ciafone

AMANDA CIAFONE Assistant Professor, Media and Cinema Studies I’m a junior faculty member, and so much is at stake at this moment in my career. Faculty union contracts ensure transparent tenure, promotion, and grievance procedures, which can benefit historically underrepresented members of the professoriate and can enable the hiring and retention of sought-after scholars andContinue reading “Amanda Ciafone”

Nancy Blake

NANCY BLAKEProfessor, Comparative and World Literature A union is our best hope—probably our only hope—to restore the university to the position it held as a leading educational institution when I joined the faculty. The rate of deterioration has been steady, and it is urgent that we stop it.

Craig Koslofsky

CRAIG KOSLOFSKY Professor, History My father started mining coal alongside his father in western Pennsylvania in 1938. As a lifelong union member, my father fought for better working conditions, a voice in the workplace, and a secure retirement. I support a faculty union at Illinois for the same reasons.