Non-tenure track issues at UIUC

CFA is encouraged by the steps outlined in the Provost’s draft report about “specialized faculty”. A number of faculty – some CFA supporters and some not – spoke up at a recent Senate meeting to propose basic improvements to the plan. The Provost’s office has responded positively to some of these. We are fostering further discussion,Continue reading “Non-tenure track issues at UIUC”

Equity for Tenure-Stream Women at UIUC: A Union Can Help

In February this year, 148 female tenured and tenure-track faculty gathered at a university-sponsored event to discuss the major challenges in their professional lives [1].  Many saw the greatest challenge as “equity.”  They reported that some departments and colleges still have very few women faculty, they viewed the campus climate as “gendered” in ways thatContinue reading “Equity for Tenure-Stream Women at UIUC: A Union Can Help”

Imminent pension threat – call to action!

Update: President Easter’s massmail explains the vicious pension-cutting proposals on the table in Springfield. He cannot ask you to lobby your legislators. But the Campus Faculty Association is your independent voice as a faculty member and we are working with the Illinois Federation of Teachers to make your voice heard in Springfield. Please call todayContinue reading “Imminent pension threat – call to action!”

AAUP demolishes anti-union opinion piece from Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published an anti-union opinion piece by Professor Nicholas Burbules (U of Illinois), titled “How Unions Weaken Shared Governance.” Ernst Benjamin, former General Secretary and currently Senior Consultant to the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), responded yesterday with a hard-hitting critique that draws on his 40-plus years of senateContinue reading “AAUP demolishes anti-union opinion piece from Chronicle of Higher Education”

Presentations on Shared Governance and Unions

Speakers at a panel discussion in September described how their faculty unions have strengthened shared governance and protected faculty rights. Remarks by three of the speakers are now available online (see below). For a fuller account of the panel, read our original post “Panel Discusses Benefits of Unionization to Shared Governance.” Panelist remarks: George BoulukosContinue reading “Presentations on Shared Governance and Unions”

Diversity: Students, Faculty, and the Work to be Done

In 1968 the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign launched an initiative called Project 500 to enroll 500 African Americans in the freshman class.  The project was a response to the local and national Civil Rights movement and was, in its time, a breakthrough. Now,  in 2013, our campus fails to meet the benchmark it setContinue reading “Diversity: Students, Faculty, and the Work to be Done”

Intellectual Property Rights – a Faculty Union Issue

Faculty unions can achieve legally binding contract protections for the right of faculty to control their intellectual and creative works.    A recent faculty union contract at the University of Oregon, for example, established a union-administration joint committee to develop recommendations on intellectual property rights, with the recommendations to be incorporated later into the collective bargainingContinue reading “Intellectual Property Rights – a Faculty Union Issue”