A Letter from Robert Warrior

To my fellow members of the Campus Faculty Association and other colleagues at Illinois and beyond, As American Indian Studies has been responding to unprecedented actions from the Board of Trustees, Chancellor Phyllis Wise, President Robert Easter, and Vice President for Academic Affairs Christophe Pierre in our hiring of Steven Salaita as a tenured AssociateContinue reading “A Letter from Robert Warrior”

Shared Governance and the Salaita Case

Originally posted on ACADEME BLOG:
I spoke on a podcast, This Week at InsideHigherEd, about the Salaita case, along with former Barnard president Judith Shapiro, who argued that the Salaita case indicated the need for more shared governance. I would argue that the Salaita case is a good reason to understand what shared governance really means.…

A Letter to Chancellor Wise from Professor Michael Rothberg, August 17, 2014

We link to an excellent letter to UIUC Chancellor Phyllis Wise from Michael Rothberg, Head of the Department of English.  Prof. Rothberg is also Director of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies Initiative and a Conrad Humanities Scholar. From 2003-2009 he was Director of Illinois’s Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory. His website is here.  

Job Offer Letter Found in Swanlund Dumpster

Dear Alma, While rooting around in a dumpster outside Swanlund, I found what appears to be a new template for job offer letters. Do you think the Chancellor’s office could be contemplating something like this?  Read on and tell me what you think. Dumpsta Dyvva ______________________________________________________ Dear Dr. _______ Congratulations! You may already be aContinue reading “Job Offer Letter Found in Swanlund Dumpster”

UIUC is Punishing NTT Faculty for Organizing: Faculty Must Respond

On Tuesday, August 5, Provost Adesida wrote to hundreds of non-tenure-track faculty who have just been certified as a union (CFA Local 6546 AFT/AAUP) that “departments may not implement academic year 2014-15 salary increases for specialized faculty in this bargaining unit until an agreement is bargained with the union regarding pay adjustments.” This action isContinue reading “UIUC is Punishing NTT Faculty for Organizing: Faculty Must Respond”

Academic Freedom and Shared Governance

From the Executive Committee of the Campus Faculty Association: Regarding the Recent Hiring Controversies and Their Implications for Shared Governance Dear Colleagues: This is an extremely dangerous moment for the future of shared governance and academic freedom at UIUC. First in the case of lecturer James Kilgore and now again in the case of ProfessorContinue reading “Academic Freedom and Shared Governance”

Steven Salaita and the Threat to Academic Freedom at the University of Illinois

An Open Letter to the Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign, Gaza, Steven Salaita and the Threat to Academic Freedom at the University of Illinois by GIORGIO MARIANI Dear Chancellor, I have just heard of the decision you have made to rescind a contract with professor Steven Salaita for the views heContinue reading “Steven Salaita and the Threat to Academic Freedom at the University of Illinois”

CFA Statement on Steven Salaita and U of Illinois

The Campus Faculty Association of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign calls upon Chancellor Phyllis Wise to reverse her decision to revoke the offer of appointment made to Professor Steven Salaita last October by Dean Brian Ross. Chancellor Wise is reported (in The Chronicle of Higher Education of August 7, 2014) to have told ProfessorContinue reading “CFA Statement on Steven Salaita and U of Illinois”

On Academic Freedom and Integrity |Statement to the University of Illinois Board of Trustees

By Professor D. Fairchild Ruggles Presented to the Meeting of the Board of Trustees, May 14, 2014,  Springfield. Chairman Kennedy, Members of the Board of Trustees, President Easter, Chancellor Wise: I am grateful for this opportunity to address the Board about a subject of concern on the UIUC campus: academic freedom. The University of Illinois BoardContinue reading “On Academic Freedom and Integrity |Statement to the University of Illinois Board of Trustees”