Academic Freedom and Shared Governance

From the Executive Committee of the Campus Faculty Association: Regarding the Recent Hiring Controversies and Their Implications for Shared Governance Dear Colleagues: This is an extremely dangerous moment for the future of shared governance and academic freedom at UIUC. First in the case of lecturer James Kilgore and now again in the case of ProfessorContinue reading “Academic Freedom and Shared Governance”

Dear Alma| On Excessive Secrecy

Dear Alma, When a scholar interviews for a job in my department, all the faculty can meet her, read her work and give feedback to the hiring committee. So why is the search for our new President so top secret? Isn’t that search more important than for a mere faculty member? Signed, Jess Sayan DearContinue reading “Dear Alma| On Excessive Secrecy”

Major Gains for Adjunct Faculty at University of Oregon

  300 Adjuncts Gain Union Protections, Paths to Promotion and Sabbatical, New Titles   The new faculty union contract at the University of Oregon initiated a one-time reclassification process for adjunct faculty. The result is major gains for some 300 faculty, or 73 % of adjuncts, who have new rights under the contract and a newContinue reading “Major Gains for Adjunct Faculty at University of Oregon”

Senate Committee Reports: The University is Not Broke

According to a recent report from the Academic Senate, the University of Illinois has its financial house “in order.” “The UI has had a net income, essentially a profit, of more than $300 million every year since 2010” according to News-Gazette coverage. The  Senate Budget Committee report presented by Accountancy Professor Michael Sandretto confirms whatContinue reading “Senate Committee Reports: The University is Not Broke”


BY SUSAN DAVIS AND RICHARD LAUGESEN LAST YEAR, CFA’S ORGANIZING CAMPAIGN REALLY BEGAN TO PAY OFF.  Because of the certification of a faculty union at UIC and the real possibility of a faculty union at UIUC, the campus administration finally began to take steps to address long-standing problems. IN 2013 WE SAW: — a modestContinue reading “IF UNION ORGANIZING MAKES THINGS BETTER, THINK WHAT A CONTRACT COULD DO”

A Positive View of Faculty Unionization in the News-Gazette

The following commentary by Jim Barrett and Kathy Oberdeck appears today in the Champaign News-Gazette. An Alternative View on University Faculty Unions For the past two years, a small group of anti-union activists on campus has claimed that a democratic process of collective bargaining would be the end of the University of Illinois as weContinue reading “A Positive View of Faculty Unionization in the News-Gazette”

Who is Representing Faculty in Springfield?

The Campus Faculty Association Responds to President Easter’s Message on Pension Changes. President Easter’s recent message concerning his support for the “Six-Step Plan” to fix the pension crisis highlights the problem of the University’s central administration making decisions for faculty regarding our welfare and benefits. President Easter is correct that there is not universal support forContinue reading “Who is Representing Faculty in Springfield?”

“‘That’s not my department,’ says Wernher von Braun.”

Reposted from the blog “More or Less Bunk” by Jonathan Rees. Superprofessors are very happy about being superprofessors. And why shouldn’t they be? After all, they won’t have to repeat the same tired old lectures ever again, the students that do pay attention to them are highly motivated and most seem to have hundreds ofContinue reading ““‘That’s not my department,’ says Wernher von Braun.””

Today’s Academic Senate Meeting: Our Take

April 29, 2013 Today in the last meeting of the year of the Academic Senate, it was announced that the Senate Executive Committee might meet over the summer to examine wages, benefits and working conditions. We in the CFA have spent the past two years talking with our colleagues about  salaries, benefits, working conditions. ClearlyContinue reading “Today’s Academic Senate Meeting: Our Take”

Visioning Future Excellence: First Reactions

We at Campus Faculty Association are still studying Chancellor Wise and Provost Adesida’s announcements at the Town Hall meeting on Monday.  We are pleased to see recognition of some of the pressing concerns we have been hearing in our face-to-face conversations all around campus, but we have reservations about some of the planned actions, andContinue reading “Visioning Future Excellence: First Reactions”

“Why I Want Collective Bargaining”

By Randy McCarthy [Presentation before academic senate Feb. 4, 2013] Hi, my name is Randy McCarthy. I’ve been at UIUC for 18 years and I’m a professor in Mathematics. Like many of you, I came here because this is a great school in a nice community. I am a strong believer in the adage: “IfContinue reading ““Why I Want Collective Bargaining””