Stephen Jaeger

STEPHEN JAEGER Professor Emeritus, Gutgsell Professor of Germanic Languages and Comparative and World Literature, Center for Advanced Study I support the efforts of the Campus Faculty Association.  After many years of seeing budgetary control ceded by weak administrations to conservative state legislatures, a consistent pattern of minimal faculty raises and maximal administrative raises, “excellence” rewardedContinue reading “Stephen Jaeger”

Dana D. Dlott

DANA D. DLOTT William H. and Janet G. Lycan Professor of Chemistry The term “shared governance” today means that the administration exerts power over the faculty, but the faculty has limited influence over the administration. The only way to equalize this power disparity is for the faculty to act collectively. In union there is strength.

Kristina Riedel

Kristina Riedel Lecturer, Linguistics; Director and Language Coordinator of Sub-Saharan African Languages Decent working conditions should not be a privilege given only to a select few. As universities are coming under increasing financial pressure and facing global competition, it is even more important to protect all workers’ rights. Non-tenure-track faculty still need to fight forContinue reading “Kristina Riedel”

Richard Laugesen

RICHARD LAUGESEN Professor, Mathematics Faculty need a forceful collective voice with real bargaining power: to raise inconvenient truths, to improve our working conditions and benefits, and to promote the ideals of public higher education both inside the university and in Springfield.

Bruce Berndt

Bruce Berndt Center for Advanced Study Professor of Mathematics In recent years, several decisions have been made by university administrators without consulting faculty. Some of these decisions have adversely affected the quality of the education that we provide to our students, especially our graduate students. If the University of Illinois is to maintain excellence andContinue reading “Bruce Berndt”

Robert W. McChesney

ROBERT W. McCHESNEY Gutgsell Professor of Communication No organization is doing more to protect and promote the highest values and purposes of the University of Illinois than the Campus Faculty Association. I shudder to think about the university’s future without the CFA forcefully advocating on behalf of public service, intellectual freedom, and quality affordable higherContinue reading “Robert W. McChesney”