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UIC Non-Tenure-Track contract (and addendum)

UIC Tenure System contract

Union coalition lawsuit (We Are One Illinois) challenging the pension-slashing SB1.

More analysis of the We Are One Illinois lawsuit.

Update from UICUF Local 6456:  Faculty Union Responds to the UIC Provost on the State of Contract Negotiations.

Mechanics of Higher Ed Unionism (and what a union can do for Engineering faculty)

Response to College of Engineering Executive Committee message about faculty unionization

Finances of the University of Illinois

Equity for Tenure Stream Women at UIIUC

Non-tenure track faculty

Diversity: Students, Faculty, and the Work to be Done

Shared Governance:

AAUP Demolition of Anti-Union Article in Chronicle of Higher Education

Report on Panel on Shared Governance


Video of an Academic Senate Meeting discussing the pros and cons of collective bargaining.

Transcript of the Pro (Randy McCarthy, Mathematics) and Con (Nick Burbules) arguments.

Tim Cain’s research on the subject of faculty unions for the IPRH blog.


We recommend your first stop be the Illinois Retirement Security Initiative (IRSI) website. They are a project on our state pensions under the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability. 

Illinois state employee unions coordinate their pension action through the We Are One Illinois coalition.

Overview of Illinois State pensions from Sunshine Review.

David O. Johnston on public pensions – they are deferred employee compensation, not a gift from the taxpayer.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty

New Faculty Majority: An Organization that advocates for adjunct and contingent faculty nationally.

Collective bargaining

How events in Wisconsin converted Professor Stanley Fish to faculty unions.


An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education reports national survey findings that pay in public universities is flat lining while private universities’ salaries climb. To read, click here.

Shared governance

University of Louisiana page with several articles on shared governance. 

American Association of University Professors (AAUP) statements on shared governance

Chronicle of Higher Education article by philosophy professor John Lachs (Vanderbilt).

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