Our Weekly Reader November 4, 2012

Our Weekly Reader, November 4, 2012

1. The big story this week is the ongoing GEO situation. The last information posted at http://www.uigeo.org/ is dated October 20. Based on coverage, the DI seems to think this is a much more important story than the News-Gazette. For a math grad student’s appraisal of the situation, see


2. The News-Gazette used a somewhat scary headline to describe a somewhat scary situation, compounded by a quote using a somewhat unusual use of the term “transparent”. Don’t forget to read the comments.


Graduate College Dean Debasish Dutta declined to disclose the names of the programs before the trustee meeting.

Dutta said he believes the review, which involved an 18-member faculty committee looking at all 98 doctoral programs, was the first campuswide doctoral assessment in at least 50 years.

He called it a “thoughtful, open and transparent process.”

Probably related, from the Sunday paper.


3. The DI used FOIA to produce its annual salary guide issue, with lots of articles within.


4. More notes on the ongoing online education conversation:




5. Other UI stories from the News-Gazette



6. Labor news from Champaign County


E-Summary Highlights

10/29 pp. 1-2 (Crain’s) Just how real is Silicon Prairie 2.0?
10/29 pp. 5-6 (NG) China branch, see above.
10/29 p. 8 (DI) Salary guide and editorials, see above
10/29 pp.17-18 (Springfield SJ-R) “College Illinois reopens to investments”
10/29 p.19 (NG) John Kindt’s anti-49 commentary
10/29 pp.21-23 (Chronicle) “AAUP rethinks its guidelines on faculty layoffs”

10/30 pp.1-2 (NG) Vice president / chancellor name reversal, see above
10/30 pp.7-8 (DI) Coursera concerns, see above
10/30 pp.14-15 (Trib) On Amendment 49
10/30 pp.29-31 (Trib) CTU sues over pension change for teachers who become union officials

10/31 pp.1-2 (Medill, Northwestern) “Possible effects of affirmative action case vary by university”

11/1 pp.1-2 (NG) Some PhD programs may get ax”, see above
11/1 pp.11-14 (Chron) “3 to 1: that’s the best ratio of tenure-track faculty to administrators, a study concludes” Interesting quote: “If an adminstrator disappeared, no one would notice for a year or two,” he said. “They would assume they were all on retreat, whereas a missing professor is noticed right away.”
11/1 pp,17-20 (NYT) “Technology changing how students learn, teachers say”

12/2 pp.7-8 (NG) “Conference looks at UI’s role as online courses evolve”, see above
12/2 p.11 (DI) “Student senator proposes inclusive integrity statement”.

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