CAFT Report on the Steven Salaita Case: Serious Violations of Shared Governance and Due Process

The report of the Committee of Academic Freedom and Tenure (CAFT) on the Steven Salaita case has been made public. As the Campus Faculty Association has been saying since early August, the treatment of Professor Salaita was a serious violation of due process. With the CAFT report, the University of Illinois faculty as whole standsContinue reading “CAFT Report on the Steven Salaita Case: Serious Violations of Shared Governance and Due Process”

Where We Are Now

Dear CFA Members and supporters: As the end of the semester draws near, and after three turbulent months, CFA wants to reflect on where we as a faculty are now, and how a faculty union could make a difference.   We face the following persistent problems. Board of Trustees (BOT) Overreach:  In the last year, theContinue reading “Where We Are Now”

Dear Alma: can any scrap of paper be a union card?

Dear Alma, The Admin’s FAQ on unions tries to suggest the Campus Faculty Association will somehow trick faculty into unionizing. It just about claims that CFA could pick up one of my credit card receipts off the floor, slap the CFA logo on it, and use it to get a union! Why do you thinkContinue reading “Dear Alma: can any scrap of paper be a union card?”

Academic Freedom and the Board of Trustees at the University of Illinois: A Historical Perspective

by Belden Fields At the IPRH panel on “Academic Freedom and Free Speech across Disciplines” held at the Beckman Institute on Monday, September 29, one of the panelists Prof. Colleen Murphy said that the faculty’s effort now must be to see that the way Professor Steven Salaita was treated by the university never happens again.Continue reading “Academic Freedom and the Board of Trustees at the University of Illinois: A Historical Perspective”

Dear Alma: Reliable Sources?

Dear Alma, I’m trying to make up my mind about whether to support a tenure-track faculty union at UIUC . Recently, I read an anti-union essay written by a faculty member who cited information from the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). Surely this is some reputable outfit that would only publish sane, well-researched arguments?Continue reading “Dear Alma: Reliable Sources?”

CFA Statement Regarding Calls to Boycott the University of Illinois

September 1, 2014 The Campus Faculty Association is not involved in the boycott movement against the University of Illinois. We feel it is a matter of individual conscience for faculty members around the world to consider, and we respect the different decisions which individuals may reach. We do believe strongly, and have stated publicly, thatContinue reading “CFA Statement Regarding Calls to Boycott the University of Illinois”

The Little Orange & Blue Book: Quotations from Chairman Kennedy

Greetings, friends, from the Campus Faculty Association! Members of the university community have been urged to value civility as much as scholarship(1).  In this spirit, we can learn much from the wisdom of the Board of Trustees on issues of the day. For this reason we are proud to present: The Little Orange & Blue Book:Continue reading “The Little Orange & Blue Book: Quotations from Chairman Kennedy”

Dear Alma: on Secret Codewords

Dear Alma, My friend says “civility” is just a codeword for “don’t upset the donors”. Could she be right? Yours, Politically Sensitive Dear Polly, You can’t spell “euphemism” without “UI”. Well you could, but it would be “ephemsm”. Love Alma

Dear Alma: On the No-Teach List

Dear Alma, I seem to be on the University’s No-Teach List. How can I get off? Perplexed Instructor Dear Perp, People in Swanlund Administration Building were suddenly too busy to talk with me, after I asked about the No-Teach List. Not one of them was willing to speak about the thirteen reasons for inclusion on the List, nor the seven acceptableContinue reading “Dear Alma: On the No-Teach List”

Dear Alma: I am an excellent and agile campus leader…

Dear Alma, I am an excellent and agile campus leader. Recently I had to make a problem “go away” by “just doing it”. But it hasn’t gone away, and Facebook and Twitter don’t believe anything I say. How can I fix this? Les Wisdom Dear Les, I think you already know the right thing toContinue reading “Dear Alma: I am an excellent and agile campus leader…”

Dear Alma: on Double Secret Probation?

Dear Alma, I hear that because of faculty complaints about the new civility standard, the Chancellor is putting all of campus onto Double Secret Probation. What have you heard? Classical Cinema Lover Dear Classy, I hear she said: “The time has come for someone to put his foot down. And that foot is me.” So Alma thinksContinue reading “Dear Alma: on Double Secret Probation?”

Dear Alma: Raises? What the Heck!?

Dear Alma, What the heck! I worked very hard over the past year and was looking forward to my annual merit increase from my department. Now I get a letter from academic HR telling me that I won’t get that raise – because of the new NTT union. What’s going on here? Emilia  Hoppenmad, PhD.Continue reading “Dear Alma: Raises? What the Heck!?”