Where We Are Now

Dear CFA Members and supporters: As the end of the semester draws near, and after three turbulent months, CFA wants to reflect on where we as a faculty are now, and how a faculty union could make a difference.   We face the following persistent problems. Board of Trustees (BOT) Overreach:  In the last year, theContinue reading “Where We Are Now”

Pension Update: Unions, Annuitants File for Injunctions to Stay SB 1

Recent news on pensions: two state-wide organizations have filed for injunctions in the last ten days, seeking to prevent implementation of the pension-slashing bill until courts have considered the current legal challenges to its constitutionality. May 12 – Union coalition “We Are One Illinois”: http://www.weareoneillinois.org/news/coalition-seeks-injunction May 2 – State Universities Annuitants Association: http://www.suaa.org/assets/pdf/2014/PressReleaseMotion5.2.2014%20.pdf

SURS Update on Pension Activity

The latest news on pensions is covered in the SURS publication The Advocate. According to SURS, the House has passed three changes (to cost-of-living, retirement age and cap on pension size). These would have to be approved by the Senate, signed by the Governor, and validated as constitutional by the Judiciary to come into effect.Continue reading “SURS Update on Pension Activity”

Pension Alert! Call Your State Reps, Ask Them to Support SB 2404

There will likely be a vote in Springfield on a pension bill on Thursday, March 14. This information was reported to the Senate Executive Committee by John Kindt, Chair of the Senate’s Faculty and Staff Academic Benefits Committee. Kindt said that there are 3 bills on the agenda, and that several of them would haveContinue reading “Pension Alert! Call Your State Reps, Ask Them to Support SB 2404”

IFT Proposes Pension Reform Bill

Bipartisan, labor-backed pension bill introduced Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013 * This Illinois Federation of Teachers e-mail from IFT President Dan Montgomery is being forwarded around all over the place… Late last week, State Senators Linda Holmes (D-Aurora) and Pam Althoff (R-McHenry) filed Senate Bill 2404, legislation that includes key components advocated by the IFT andContinue reading “IFT Proposes Pension Reform Bill”

Being Clear on Pensions

A recent article in the News Gazette discusses the State Legislature’s failed attempts to pass any pension reform bill, describing the failure as one rooted in conventional political differences. House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, wants to shift those pension costs from the state to schools and colleges. Republicans and some Democrats objected fiercely, saying itContinue reading “Being Clear on Pensions”