Administration Withholds Promotion Raises Promised to “Specialized Faculty” by Provost’s Communication #25

The administration exerted its power this month by refusing to give raises to newly promoted non-tenure-track faculty. In the face of this unilateral action, the need for a union has never been clearer. See the email below for details (sent by Dr. Kristina Riedel to the Provost, the incoming Dean of LAS, and  Elabbas Benmamoun (Dept of Linguistics) onContinue reading “Administration Withholds Promotion Raises Promised to “Specialized Faculty” by Provost’s Communication #25″

Academic Freedom and Shared Governance

From the Executive Committee of the Campus Faculty Association: Regarding the Recent Hiring Controversies and Their Implications for Shared Governance Dear Colleagues: This is an extremely dangerous moment for the future of shared governance and academic freedom at UIUC. First in the case of lecturer James Kilgore and now again in the case of ProfessorContinue reading “Academic Freedom and Shared Governance”

Dear Alma: If You’re “Auda DeLoop”

Dear Alma, The lecturers and research assistant professors in my department seem unusually happy this week. Is something special going on? Signed,  Auda DeLoop Dear Auda, Indeed — something is going on.  The UIUC full-time  non-tenure-track faculty (those with 51% or greater appointment) have filed for certification as a union. “Learning” and “Labor” are busting someContinue reading “Dear Alma: If You’re “Auda DeLoop””

Raises in the UIC Union Contract: A Careful Look

A careful analysis of the raises in the faculty union contract at UIC shows that our colleagues in Chicago will make solid gains to their base salary: 6.75% over the past two years (2012-2014), and the campus salary program plus an additional 1% for next year (2014-15). Our analysis shows that the raise pool gainsContinue reading “Raises in the UIC Union Contract: A Careful Look”

CFA Excomm Response to Court Decision on UIC faculty union efforts

At a time of great financial crisis, shrinking faculties, low salaries, and rising tuition, the University of Illinois administration has spent enormous time and money fighting an open and democratic process of faculty decision making at UIC.  A large majority of both tenure track and contingent faculty at UIC are on record in support ofContinue reading “CFA Excomm Response to Court Decision on UIC faculty union efforts”