November ExComm Meeting Recap

The executive committee met on Monday November 6 at noon at our office in the Y. We continue to work to define our mission, especially our short and medium term goals for the year.
The committee discussed the state of GEO contract negotiations. Two action items emerged. A statement of CFA support for the GEO is in the works, so please watch for it on our website. Jessica Greenberg has taken on the job of compiling a list of spaces close to campus that could be used as alternative classrooms in the event of a strike. The list will be posted on our website with contact information. Faculty can make their own arrangements for space. The CFA will reimburse for the costs.
We are activating our website to notify our membership about issues on campus. Please watch our website for blog posts.
We plan to organize a speaker to address concerns about free speech on campus.
Our next meeting will be on Monday December 11 at noon. We welcome all members.

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