Current Leadership

CFA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (ExComm) consists of the president, vice president, treasurer, and campus labor coalition delegate (the officers of CFA, elected by members), and committee chairs, as well as other (up to 5) members at large. The Executive Committee meets monthly to guide and oversee CFA’s activities. These meetings are open to all members.

2020-2021 CFA Officers

President: Josue David Cisneros is associate professor in the department of Communication and affiliate faculty in the department of Latina/o Studies, the Unit for Criticism, and the Center for Writing Studies. David’s research and teaching focus on the communication strategies of grassroots social movements, especially immigrant rights and racial justice movements. This is his second year serving on the Executive Committee of CFA.

Vice President: Ellen Moodie, associate professor, is a cultural anthropologist and writer. She has been studying post-Cold War transitions to democracy in Central America. In her past life she was a newspaper journalist in New Jersey and an officer of the Newspaper Guild local. Before coming to the U of I she was active with the University of Michigan GEO.

Treasurer: Kay Kirkpatrick is an associate professor in the departments of mathematics and physics. Kay’s research and teaching focus on neuro-inspired computing and the mathematical physics of dark matter and condensed matter. She also loves science fiction and has been working towards accessibility in various contexts.

Campus Labor Coalition Representative: : Christine Riordan is an assistant professor at the School of Labor and Employment Relations. Christine’s research and teaching focus on industrial relations, voice at work, and collective bargaining. This is her first year serving on the Executive Committee of CFA.

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