CFA has a number of active volunteer committees and positions. We need your input and participation. Please contact us at <> if you would like to get involved.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the president, vice president, treasurer, and AFL-CIO delegate (all of whom are elected by members), as well as chairs of the other committees and members at large. The Executive Committee meets monthly to guide and oversee CFA’s activities. These meetings are open to all members.


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee represents CFA’s message to our members, the UIUC campus, and the public. The Communications Committee also responds to media inquiries and crafts public statements and press releases.


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works to build and sustain CFA’s membership through outreach activities to faculty on the UIUC campus.


Faculty Working Conditions Committee

The Faculty Working Conditions Committee conducts research into the on-the-job experience of UIUC faculty, including the processes of evaluation and promotion.


Budget Committee

The Budget Committee manages CFA’s finances and advises on how the organization allocates its resources. The Budget Committee also analyzes and reports on the finances and expenditures of the campus.


Equal Opportunity Committee

The Equal Opportunity Committee reports to the membership on the progress toward equity for historical minorities on campus (race, gender, sexual orientation, among others).


CFA Senate Caucus

The Senate Caucus is a group of CFA members who are also representatives in the UIUC Academic Senate. We meet regularly to reflect on Senate business and to make sure that faculty voices are clearly heard.


Campus Labor Coalition Delegate

The Campus Labor Coalition consists of workers from around campus and meets regularly to discuss labor conditions at the university. At least one CFA member attends these meetings to represent faculty views and to listen and respond to the needs of other campus workers.

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