Repost: Bunsis Report proves the University is “not broke”

Less than a week ago, CFA President Harriet Murav stood on the pedestal of the Alma Mater to declare that the University was not financially “broke,” but its system of governance was thoroughly “broken.” The scandals and leadership failures of recent years prove the second part of Murav’s argument. But many intelligent and well-meaning members of the campus community have been misled into thinking that the University itself lacks the resources to meet its commitments to faculty, students, and staff.

To refute those myths, we republish links to an examination of University finances conducted by Professor Howard Bunsis of Eastern Michigan University, including his address at the University YMCA, with Powerpoint slides, as well as his interview on WILL Radio’s Focus 580 program.

Download Howard Bunsis’ interview on WILL’s Focus 580 program, from Dec 9, 2011 by clicking here. The slides from Professor Bunsis’s presentation are available as a .pdf file here.

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