Dear Alma| A “Friend of Mine” is Worried

Dear Alma, A friend of mine has been a full-time Research Associate Professor for twenty years. This year his appointment was reduced to less than full-time (0.90 appointment level).  Now he is afraid that the university might let his contract lapse next year without telling him in writing that he won’t have a job!  Can it really be true that after twenty years he has no job security and no notice rights?
Signed, Worried about the Mortgage
Dear Mort,
On this campus, the answer is YES: such a long-serving faculty member on the “research professor” track has no right to be told in advance that they will not be reappointed, if their current  appointment is not full-time… See page 35 of the Statutes.
At our sister campus in Chicago, where faculty work under a union contract, he would be entitled to a longer-term contract with notice rights.   I’ll bet you see where I am going: he’d be a lot better off with a union at UIUC.

Love, Alma

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