Solidarity Statement for EIU Faculty

We, the Executive Committee of the Campus Faculty Association, representing faculty at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, write to express strong support for our UPI colleagues at Eastern Illinois University in their quest for a contract that reflects the interests of faculty, staff, and students at Eastern. The budget priorities they propose reflect anContinue reading “Solidarity Statement for EIU Faculty”

Untapped Revenue or Cheap Labor? Graduate Students and the Future of UIUC

The strike by graduate employees at UIUC is now in its second week. There is no end in sight; according to the union, the administration offered nothing new at the week’s only bargaining session on Sunday afternoon. And so it is back to the picket lines for the members of the Graduate Employees Organization, andContinue reading “Untapped Revenue or Cheap Labor? Graduate Students and the Future of UIUC”

CFA Responds to Friday’s Massmail

This past Friday, Provost Cangellaris sent faculty a message regarding the “side letter” in the GEO collective bargaining agreement. The message was inaccurate and misleading. CFA believes it is critical for faculty to know what is really going on. Attached is a message that more accurately describes the “side letter,” and GEO’s position. I hopeContinue reading “CFA Responds to Friday’s Massmail”

Resolution of Support for GEO

Campus Faculty Association expresses its support for GEO. The teaching labor of graduate students is essential to the teaching mission of the university. We call on university administration to bargain in good faith to avoid a strike. The formation of GEO helped to pave the way for NTFC, Local 6546, a union of non-tenure faculty.Continue reading “Resolution of Support for GEO”

Translation of Provost’s interview in News-Gazette

Original document: the Provost’s interview in the News-Gazette (April 21, 2016). Detect language: admin-speak Translate into: reality Administrators want multiyear contracts to be based on merit and performance… Translation – Administrators have set up a system that excludes almost all non-tenure-track faculty from multiyear contracts. The system is working! Merely 19 non-tenure-track faculty members campus-wide have multiyear contracts. TheContinue reading “Translation of Provost’s interview in News-Gazette”

Translation of Chancellor’s massmail and bargaining position

Original documents: Chancellor’s massmail (April 19) and administration bargaining positions on non-tenure-track faculty union contract Detect language: admin-speak Translate into: reality Multiyear contracts should be based on performance and evaluation. Performance evaluations are too difficult, and so the administration refuses to agree to them in the union contract. The administration is not responsible for the fact that onlyContinue reading “Translation of Chancellor’s massmail and bargaining position”

Illinois Supreme Court Rejects UIUC’s Appeal on Union Certification

CFA Local #6546 responds to last week’s good news from the Illinois Supreme Court. UIUC spent tens of thousands of dollars challenging the certifications of CFA Local #6546. But the Court rejected UIUC’s appeal challenging CFA Local #6546’s union certification, thereby removing the last standing objection. ————————————————————————————————————— On May 28, 2015 the Illinois Supreme Court deniedContinue reading “Illinois Supreme Court Rejects UIUC’s Appeal on Union Certification”

A Letter to Our Colleagues at UI Springfield

Dear Colleagues, We who are members of the Campus Faculty Association of your sister campus in Urbana-Champaign want to offer you our heartfelt congratulations on your great success in returning to your campus’s long tradition of unionized faculty. Your success is an inspiration to us to keep the dream for a university-wide unionized faculty body.Continue reading “A Letter to Our Colleagues at UI Springfield”

UIC Faculty Union Responds to Governor’s Budget

From UICUF: “Our statement about the Governors budget speech: The budget plan the Governor announced yesterday is not only a catastrophe for the University but an attack on the very idea of public higher education in Illinois. He wrongly thinks that cutting back on our citizens’ access to a serious research university will grow ourContinue reading “UIC Faculty Union Responds to Governor’s Budget”