Statement of Solidarity with those Fighting Racism and Police Violence

The Campus Faculty Association stands in solidarity with those all over the nation engaged in the struggle against racism and police violence. As educators we have a special responsibility to dismantle the systems of oppression that again and again deprive our African American brothers and sisters of their very right to live. We call onContinue reading “Statement of Solidarity with those Fighting Racism and Police Violence”

Atoma Batoma

ATOMA BATOMA Associate Professor, Library When universities are run according to a corporate model, the quality of education suffers and intellectual freedom, as well as the freedom of speech, is jeopardized. Faculty unions, insofar as they seek to construct and support a model of shared governance, protect the university from the long-term damage caused byContinue reading “Atoma Batoma”

Lisa Rosenthal

LISA ROSENTHALAssociate Professor, Art History A union will help make the university a better workplace for faculty, will provide a stronger and more effective institution for our students, and will protect the values of public education in Illinois.