Statement of Support for Striking UIC Faculty

CFA stands in solidarity with UIC United Faculty in their efforts to secure excellent teaching and learning conditions on our sister campus. We are outraged that the University of Illinois administration continues to choose conflict over compromise and profits over people. We call on President Killeen to exercise the leadership required by this crisis andContinue reading “Statement of Support for Striking UIC Faculty”

Statement of Support for the Chicago Teacher’s Union

The Campus Faculty Association at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign expresses its strong solidarity with the Chicago Teachers’ Union in their historic strike for educational equity in the city’s public schools.  At a moment of widespread privatization, CTU has been exemplary in defending the ideal of excellent neighborhood schools, demanding smaller class sizes andContinue reading “Statement of Support for the Chicago Teacher’s Union”

Translation of Provost’s interview in News-Gazette

Original document: the Provost’s interview in the News-Gazette (April 21, 2016). Detect language: admin-speak Translate into: reality Administrators want multiyear contracts to be based on merit and performance… Translation – Administrators have set up a system that excludes almost all non-tenure-track faculty from multiyear contracts. The system is working! Merely 19 non-tenure-track faculty members campus-wide have multiyear contracts. TheContinue reading “Translation of Provost’s interview in News-Gazette”

Translation of Chancellor’s massmail and bargaining position

Original documents: Chancellor’s massmail (April 19) and administration bargaining positions on non-tenure-track faculty union contract Detect language: admin-speak Translate into: reality Multiyear contracts should be based on performance and evaluation. Performance evaluations are too difficult, and so the administration refuses to agree to them in the union contract. The administration is not responsible for the fact that onlyContinue reading “Translation of Chancellor’s massmail and bargaining position”

A Letter to Our Colleagues at UI Springfield

Dear Colleagues, We who are members of the Campus Faculty Association of your sister campus in Urbana-Champaign want to offer you our heartfelt congratulations on your great success in returning to your campus’s long tradition of unionized faculty. Your success is an inspiration to us to keep the dream for a university-wide unionized faculty body.Continue reading “A Letter to Our Colleagues at UI Springfield”

Dear Alma: can any scrap of paper be a union card?

Dear Alma, The Admin’s FAQ on unions tries to suggest the Campus Faculty Association will somehow trick faculty into unionizing. It just about claims that CFA could pick up one of my credit card receipts off the floor, slap the CFA logo on it, and use it to get a union! Why do you thinkContinue reading “Dear Alma: can any scrap of paper be a union card?”

Furloughs in 2010 were “Just Plain Destruction”

The Campus Faculty Association fights for transparency about decision-making processes at the University of Illinois. Unilateral decision-making by the administration undermines the core missions of the university, teaching and research, and so we are working for a faculty union that can provide a strong and independent faculty voice. The furloughs of Spring 2010 provide anContinue reading “Furloughs in 2010 were “Just Plain Destruction””

Meeting of the Faculty: non-tenure-track member Dorothee Schneider calls for “good faith” from Administration

Statement to the Meeting of the Faculty, October 13, 2014 Dear Colleagues, Dear Senate President Campbell, Dear President Easter, Dear Chancellor Wise, Dear Provost Adesida. I would like to speak on behalf of the almost 500 non-tenure track (NTT) faculty who work on this campus and who do not usually participate in this meeting orContinue reading “Meeting of the Faculty: non-tenure-track member Dorothee Schneider calls for “good faith” from Administration”

Dear Alma: Reliable Sources?

Dear Alma, I’m trying to make up my mind about whether to support a tenure-track faculty union at UIUC . Recently, I read an anti-union essay written by a faculty member who cited information from the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). Surely this is some reputable outfit that would only publish sane, well-researched arguments?Continue reading “Dear Alma: Reliable Sources?”

AAUP Censure, and What It Could Mean for Illinois

The abuse of academic freedom and faculty governance procedures in the Kilgore and Salaita cases have placed our university at grave risk of censure from the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). How might the AAUP censure process play out over the coming year, and what consequences might the university face? Background. Job candidates at the University of Illinois areContinue reading “AAUP Censure, and What It Could Mean for Illinois”

Campus Faculty Association pushes for union to protect academic freedom

Published in the Daily Illini on 9/25/14 Posted: Thursday, September 25, 2014 12:45 am | Updated: 1:42 am, Thu Sep 25, 2014. By Eric Fries | Contributing writer | The Campus Faculty Association believes the creation of unions will help protect University faculty members’ academic freedom. Some members believe that unionization could have helped resolveContinue reading “Campus Faculty Association pushes for union to protect academic freedom”

Chancellor finds novel way to breach the Statutes

The University of Illinois Statutes specify how hiring should work: Recommendations to positions on the academic staff shall ordinarily originate with the department…and shall be presented to the dean for transmission with the dean’s recommendation to the chancellor/vice president. In case a recommendation from a college is not approved by the chancellor/vice president, the deanContinue reading “Chancellor finds novel way to breach the Statutes”