CFA Sponsoring a Talk on UIUC Finances and Putting People First

Friday October 2, 10 am CST Towards a People’s Budget at UIUC: Analyzing our University’s Finances with Dr. Howard Bunsis, Professor of Accounting at Eastern Michigan University presented by the Campus Labor Coalition sponsored by the Campus Faculty Association Please join us as we examine our university’s finances and budgetary priorities with one of theContinue reading “CFA Sponsoring a Talk on UIUC Finances and Putting People First”

The Next Chancellor: what one CFA member wants to see

CFA received the following email from a faculty member in a STEM field.  The author underscores that we need a very different kind of administrator to lead our campus. “I would like to see a Chancellor who is more interested in doing the job correctly than in keeping the President and Board of Trustees happy.Continue reading “The Next Chancellor: what one CFA member wants to see”

Updated: President Killeen’s secret guest list

UPDATED July 13, 2015: our Freedom of Information Act request was successful, and the Retreat Guest List shows absolutely no need for keeping these invitees secret. Why must faculty and staff be kept in the dark? To support our campaign for transparency at UIUC, join the Campus Faculty Association today! — President Killeen is hosting a retreat this week, but if you wantContinue reading “Updated: President Killeen’s secret guest list”

Good News and Bad News from the Federal Data

The Campus Faculty Association has gained access to the federal Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System data set (2013-2014) for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request. The data reveals good news and bad news.  The University’s finances have strengthened dramatically, while the ranks of management continue to swell.  And, there are some interesting demographic breakdowns… The goodContinue reading “Good News and Bad News from the Federal Data”

Dear Alma: can any scrap of paper be a union card?

Dear Alma, The Admin’s FAQ on unions tries to suggest the Campus Faculty Association will somehow trick faculty into unionizing. It just about claims that CFA could pick up one of my credit card receipts off the floor, slap the CFA logo on it, and use it to get a union! Why do you thinkContinue reading “Dear Alma: can any scrap of paper be a union card?”

Provost responds on civility – but ducks the question

The Campus Faculty Association asked the Provost at the beginning of October to “explain how civility is to be defined and evaluated in hiring, promotion, and tenure cases at the University of Illinois.” The question is pertinent and topical, and as the top academic officer of the campus, the Provost should be well placed to answer it.Continue reading “Provost responds on civility – but ducks the question”

AAUP Censure, and What It Could Mean for Illinois

The abuse of academic freedom and faculty governance procedures in the Kilgore and Salaita cases have placed our university at grave risk of censure from the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). How might the AAUP censure process play out over the coming year, and what consequences might the university face? Background. Job candidates at the University of Illinois areContinue reading “AAUP Censure, and What It Could Mean for Illinois”

Dear Alma: A New Ethics Test?

Dear Alma, Been feeling down in the dumps, so I went back to the dumpsters. Found a new ethics question that the state’s consulting firm has sent for approval. Pressure from a Supervisor:  Lilith is the Chancellor of a University campus. Her supervisor, Mistopher, is appointed by the Governor. One day Lilith overhears Mistopher makingContinue reading “Dear Alma: A New Ethics Test?”

Chancellor finds novel way to breach the Statutes

The University of Illinois Statutes specify how hiring should work: Recommendations to positions on the academic staff shall ordinarily originate with the department…and shall be presented to the dean for transmission with the dean’s recommendation to the chancellor/vice president. In case a recommendation from a college is not approved by the chancellor/vice president, the deanContinue reading “Chancellor finds novel way to breach the Statutes”

FAQ on Salaita, academic freedom, and faculty rights

The University of Illinois is in the midst of a crisis of academic freedom and shared governance.  We assume readers are up-to-date on these recent events.  A great deal of confusion exists about the legal, constitutional and procedural issues involved, and so we have compiled some frequently asked questions and answers about the key issuesContinue reading “FAQ on Salaita, academic freedom, and faculty rights”