Fortyone heads of departments and programs at the U of Illinois call for the reinstatement of Steven Salaita

Fortyone chairs, heads, and directors of campus units are calling on President Killeen and Interim Chancellor Wilson to recommend to the Board of Trustees that they reverse their previous decision and reinstate Dr. Salaita at the next board meeting in September. Read the full statement at the Academe Blog! Here is the list of signatories: JamesContinue reading “Fortyone heads of departments and programs at the U of Illinois call for the reinstatement of Steven Salaita”

The Next Chancellor: what one CFA member wants to see

CFA received the following email from a faculty member in a STEM field.  The author underscores that we need a very different kind of administrator to lead our campus. “I would like to see a Chancellor who is more interested in doing the job correctly than in keeping the President and Board of Trustees happy.Continue reading “The Next Chancellor: what one CFA member wants to see”

Updated: President Killeen’s secret guest list

UPDATED July 13, 2015: our Freedom of Information Act request was successful, and the Retreat Guest List shows absolutely no need for keeping these invitees secret. Why must faculty and staff be kept in the dark? To support our campaign for transparency at UIUC, join the Campus Faculty Association today! — President Killeen is hosting a retreat this week, but if you wantContinue reading “Updated: President Killeen’s secret guest list”

Good News and Bad News from the Federal Data

The Campus Faculty Association has gained access to the federal Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System data set (2013-2014) for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request. The data reveals good news and bad news.  The University’s finances have strengthened dramatically, while the ranks of management continue to swell.  And, there are some interesting demographic breakdowns… The goodContinue reading “Good News and Bad News from the Federal Data”

“Requirement that faculty disclose their affiliations is not authorized by the law” – Matthew Finkin

Professor Matthew Finkin writes that “to require faculty to disclose any position held with the entities set out in the Executive Order [by Governor Rauner] would infringe on the constitutional right of association: a deaconship in one’s church, an elected position in a veterans’ organization, of an environmental organization, a labor organization, an advocacy group forContinue reading ““Requirement that faculty disclose their affiliations is not authorized by the law” – Matthew Finkin”


Campus Faculty Association President Bruce Rosenstock shares his email exchange with Chancellor Wise about the administration’s reaction to the CAFT report. —–Original Message—– From: Rosenstock, Bruce Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2015 8:00 PM To: Wise, Phyllis M Subject: can we meet? Dear Chancellor Wise, You were kind enough to ask to meet me when IContinue reading “AN EMAIL EXCHANGE WITH CHANCELLOR WISE”

CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER – Academic Freedom and Shared Governance Forum

CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER (one panellist was coming from out of town). Event to be rescheduled – check back for updates. Join Professor Michael Rothberg and Dr. John K. Wilson for a panel discussion on Academic Freedom and Shared Governance at UIUC. Wednesday, February 4, 7:30pm at the University YMCA (1001 S. Wright St., Champaign).

The Gang of Five Supporting Salaita’s Dismissal

By John K. Wilson The Gang of Five Supporting Salaita's Dismissal Earlier this month, five professors at the University of Illinois (Nicholas Burbules, R.H. Campbell, Kim Graber, Joyce Tolliver, and Matthew Wheeler, referred to as the “Gang of Five”) wrote a response to the UIUC CAFT Report, criticizing it and defending the dismissal of StevenContinue reading “The Gang of Five Supporting Salaita’s Dismissal”


On January 15, 2015, the UI Board of Trustees issued a statement saying that the banning of Steven Salaita from his teaching post was “final.”   With this statement, the Board believes that it has quashed any further action in regard to the recommendations made in the report of the  Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure (CAFT).  TheContinue reading “CFA RESPONDS TO BOARD OF TRUSTEES: A CALL TO SUPPORT CAFT REPORT”