Jay Rosenstein’s Analysis of the University of Illinois Athletics Budget

As CFA prepares to develop a People First budget model, we would like to share research CFA member Jay Rosenstein completed that sheds light on how the University of Illinois’ current budget model prioritizes profits over people. Prof. Rosenstein’s article, “‘No Taxpayer Dollars’ for Coaches at the U of I? You May Be Surprised” isContinue reading “Jay Rosenstein’s Analysis of the University of Illinois Athletics Budget”

CFA Statement on Plans for the Fall 2020 Semester

To the University of Illinois community: The Campus Faculty Association opposes the re-opening of our campus in Fall 2020 in order to protect the health and well-being of all UIUC students, employees, and community members.  If our campus returns to in-person instruction, students will arrive in Champaign-Urbana from all across the state, nation, and beyond.Continue reading “CFA Statement on Plans for the Fall 2020 Semester”

We in the Senate Owe Jay Rosenstein an Apology

Bruce Rosenstock At the last Academic Senate meeting (April 30, 2018), Jay Rosenstein and several other senators (Rahul Raja, Katherine La Barre, Bruce Reznick) brought forward a resolution that would have asked “the Chancellor and Athletic Director to direct all State Farm Center and Memorial Stadium personnel, including UI police, to enforce the no-protest policyContinue reading “We in the Senate Owe Jay Rosenstein an Apology”

The Chancellor’s Massmail on Free Speech: Who is it Talking About?

Bruce Rosenstock, Professor of Religion Returning from a meeting of the American Association of Universities (AAU), Chancellor Jones shared a joint statement that was crafted at the meeting in regard to free speech on campus. The statement starts out by saying that people whose views are deemed by some members of the campus community toContinue reading “The Chancellor’s Massmail on Free Speech: Who is it Talking About?”


Campus Faculty Association President Bruce Rosenstock shares his email exchange with Chancellor Wise about the administration’s reaction to the CAFT report. —–Original Message—– From: Rosenstock, Bruce Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2015 8:00 PM To: Wise, Phyllis M Subject: can we meet? Dear Chancellor Wise, You were kind enough to ask to meet me when IContinue reading “AN EMAIL EXCHANGE WITH CHANCELLOR WISE”

AFSCME Solidarity Statement

Dear Colleagues and Co-Workers, The men and women who work on this campus to make our own work possible are getting a raw deal. The clerical and business office staff who keep our departments functioning; the child development workers (many with advanced degrees) at the Child Development Lab to whom many of us entrust ourContinue reading “AFSCME Solidarity Statement”

Faculty matters: Before, during, and beyond the Salaita case

(Originally published in the Daily Illini on 9/15/14) The Board of Trustees’ unfavorable vote against Steven Salaita’s job offer of a tenured associate professor position at our institution has diminished the academic integrity of the promotion and tenure review process at the University. Consequently, my main concern over last week’s official resolution of Salaita’s caseContinue reading “Faculty matters: Before, during, and beyond the Salaita case”

Helping our students see democracy in action : a letter from Jessica Greenberg

Dear Readers, Working together for shared goals is part of the democratic process. It’s especially important when times are tough. Participating in efforts to create a faculty union helps build our campus community–and helps our students see and experience what participatory democracy is all about.  Have a look at this inspiring letter from Jessica Greenberg,Continue reading “Helping our students see democracy in action : a letter from Jessica Greenberg”