CFA Statement on SHEILD COVID-19 Saliva Testing for Local Community

The CFA calls on the University of Illinois to fulfill its public mission by providing its saliva-based COVID testing to the local community.  Endorsements:Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO)Non-Tenure Track Faculty Coalition (NTFC) For Immediate Release: April 4, 2021 The Campus Faculty Association (CFA) calls on the University of Illinois to live up to its status asContinue reading “CFA Statement on SHEILD COVID-19 Saliva Testing for Local Community”

Faculty Union Ratifies Contract at U of Oregon

… Multi-year raises, contracts, and University to cover possible pension cost increases With the ratification of a contract at the University of Oregon, a faculty union has been formed at another major state university, indicating a growing trend across the United States. As we reported last month, the contract includes an average 12 percent raiseContinue reading “Faculty Union Ratifies Contract at U of Oregon”

A Union Can Protect Your Medical Privacy

Only a union can protect faculty from coercive and intrusive employer demands for biomedical information. That’s what CFA concludes after reading a recent report in Inside Higher Ed. Beginning this year Penn State will charge faculty members $1200 per year extra for their health insurance if they or their covered spouse/partner does not submit toContinue reading “A Union Can Protect Your Medical Privacy”

The Salary Program: Not Enough to Help Faculty Catch Up, Keep Up

President Easter’s salary program is a small improvement for University of Illinois faculty.  That’s a good thing in comparison to past pay freezes, increases below the cost of living, and the 2 % pay cuts (furloughs) of 2010. Unfortunately for most Urbana-Champaign faculty, the salary program will not compensate for  substantial cuts to real earnings,Continue reading “The Salary Program: Not Enough to Help Faculty Catch Up, Keep Up”

CFA Resolutions on Protecting Benefits

The below resolutions were passed by the CFA Executive Committee on May 21, 2013. 1. The Campus Faculty Association opposes the Cullerton and Madigan pension bills (SB2404, SB 1, respectively), and affirms the constitutionally protected right for all Illinois state employees and retirees to receive their full pension benefits. If either bill becomes law, theContinue reading “CFA Resolutions on Protecting Benefits”

November Referendum Threatens Pensions

The CFA is concerned about CA 49, a referendum on the November ballot which could potentially threaten pension benefits. We reprint here an article on CA 49 from the Chicago Sun-Times of September 23rd. We hope to have more on CA 49 as we carry on investigating its impact. the link is: Pensions amendmentContinue reading “November Referendum Threatens Pensions”

CFA Member’s Letter to Sen. Frerichs on Health Care Benefits for Retirees

Dear Senator Frerichs, I am appalled that the state legislators think it is permissible to remove the state contribution to employee healthcare. For many of us, it is too late to save up more money so that we can pay what will be much higher premiums after retirement. You write that “How much retirees wouldContinue reading “CFA Member’s Letter to Sen. Frerichs on Health Care Benefits for Retirees”

Pension Blues

Cary Nelson It’s no secret that public employee pensions are under political and legislative assault throughout the country. The effort in state capitols is being promoted by conservative think tanks that provide allied senators and representatives with model legislation that either demolishes or degrades existing pension systems. Indeed it is clear from increasing ideological attacksContinue reading “Pension Blues”

Update: Senate Passes SB 1313, Eliminating Free Retiree Health Benefits

Last night (May 10) the Illinois Senate passed the bill eliminating health premium subsidies for Illinois retirees.  Apparently teachers  are exempted, but university employees and SURS beneficiaries will be affected.   SB 1313 now goes to the governor, who has said he will sign it. For the University of Illinois, this is very bad news.  FacultyContinue reading “Update: Senate Passes SB 1313, Eliminating Free Retiree Health Benefits”

Illinois House Moves Against Retiree Benefits

We’re posting the text of an article from the State-Journal Register about the bill in the State Legislature to cut the health benefits of state retirees.  Basically, the bill does away with subsidies for retirees’ health care premiums.  Most SURS retirees with twenty years of  service or more count on a full subsidy for theirContinue reading “Illinois House Moves Against Retiree Benefits”