CFA Resolutions on Protecting Benefits

The below resolutions were passed by the CFA Executive Committee on May 21, 2013.

1. The Campus Faculty Association opposes the Cullerton and Madigan pension bills (SB2404, SB 1, respectively), and affirms the constitutionally protected right for all Illinois state employees and retirees to receive their full pension benefits. If either bill becomes law, the CFA supports litigation to challenge the constitutionality of the law.

2. The Campus Faculty Association opposes the recent legislation that will charge long-term state retirees for their health insurance. This legislation breaks the long-standing promise of free health insurance after twenty-years service, and proportional coverage for other long-term employees. The CFA supports the court challenge to this legislation by the Illinois State Employees Association and others, Maag v. Quinn, Sangamon Co. Case No. 2012-L-162.

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