Pension Update: Unions, Annuitants File for Injunctions to Stay SB 1

Recent news on pensions: two state-wide organizations have filed for injunctions in the last ten days, seeking to prevent implementation of the pension-slashing bill until courts have considered the current legal challenges to its constitutionality. May 12 – Union coalition “We Are One Illinois”: May 2 – State Universities Annuitants Association:

Our Pensions Are At Risk on December 3

Our pensions are at risk: COLA cuts, hikes in retirement age, and salary caps are going to hurt everyone if proposed legislation passes on December 3. In the current pension crisis, who is fighting the hardest to preserve fair benefits? The President of the university and the Chancellors of the three campuses have issued statements opposingContinue reading “Our Pensions Are At Risk on December 3”

Imminent pension threat – call to action!

Update: President Easter’s massmail explains the vicious pension-cutting proposals on the table in Springfield. He cannot ask you to lobby your legislators. But the Campus Faculty Association is your independent voice as a faculty member and we are working with the Illinois Federation of Teachers to make your voice heard in Springfield. Please call todayContinue reading “Imminent pension threat – call to action!”

UIUC Financial Picture: From “Very Good” to “Even Better” in Past Two Years

Creating new administrative posts while the faculty shrinks and tuition goes up is “just not right,” says Howard Bunsis. Bunsis has an unusual passion: exposing the realities of universities which claim they are in a financial crisis. The professor of accounting at Eastern Michigan University visited UIUC in 2011 and gave a memorable talk toContinue reading “UIUC Financial Picture: From “Very Good” to “Even Better” in Past Two Years”

Faculty Union Ratifies Contract at U of Oregon

… Multi-year raises, contracts, and University to cover possible pension cost increases With the ratification of a contract at the University of Oregon, a faculty union has been formed at another major state university, indicating a growing trend across the United States. As we reported last month, the contract includes an average 12 percent raiseContinue reading “Faculty Union Ratifies Contract at U of Oregon”

Our Weekly Reader for the Week of 8/25/13

In some sense, nothing has changed on Pensions since July. This spring, the House passed a catastrophic pension cutting bill and the Senate passed a devastating one somehow supported by the public unions. The House bill already failed (in effect) in the Senate. The House Speaker refused to call the Senate bill, which he knewContinue reading “Our Weekly Reader for the Week of 8/25/13”

Who is Representing Faculty in Springfield?

The Campus Faculty Association Responds to President Easter’s Message on Pension Changes. President Easter’s recent message concerning his support for the “Six-Step Plan” to fix the pension crisis highlights the problem of the University’s central administration making decisions for faculty regarding our welfare and benefits. President Easter is correct that there is not universal support forContinue reading “Who is Representing Faculty in Springfield?”

CFA Resolutions on Protecting Benefits

The below resolutions were passed by the CFA Executive Committee on May 21, 2013. 1. The Campus Faculty Association opposes the Cullerton and Madigan pension bills (SB2404, SB 1, respectively), and affirms the constitutionally protected right for all Illinois state employees and retirees to receive their full pension benefits. If either bill becomes law, theContinue reading “CFA Resolutions on Protecting Benefits”

CFA Responds to President Easter’s Pension Proposal

We are glad to see President Easter and other university leaders throughout Illinois addressing the crisis in the state’s unfunded liabilities and the threat this poses to the pensions state employees have contributed to and planned on throughout their careers. As with other changes in state finances and their impact on the university, the proposalsContinue reading “CFA Responds to President Easter’s Pension Proposal”

Pension Alert! Call Your State Reps, Ask Them to Support SB 2404

There will likely be a vote in Springfield on a pension bill on Thursday, March 14. This information was reported to the Senate Executive Committee by John Kindt, Chair of the Senate’s Faculty and Staff Academic Benefits Committee. Kindt said that there are 3 bills on the agenda, and that several of them would haveContinue reading “Pension Alert! Call Your State Reps, Ask Them to Support SB 2404”

Our Weekly Reader for the Week of 2/17/2013

1. On unions: a. The DI on the SEIU situation, the second quoting Ricky Baldwin as saying there has been “definite movement”. b. NG report on demonstrations at Flex-N-Gate. S. R. Khan is our May Commencement speaker. This could become ineresting. c. Tim Cain’s review of the research on faculty unions (seeContinue reading “Our Weekly Reader for the Week of 2/17/2013”

Our Weekly Reader for the Week of Jan. 27, 2013

The big story this week is that SEIU’s membership has voted, overwhelmingly, to approve a strike. Negotiations continue. — Bruce 1. SEIU news More from the DI: from Megan, from the CFA and from a student columnist: Relevant quote: “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and itContinue reading “Our Weekly Reader for the Week of Jan. 27, 2013”