Our Weekly Reader for the Week of Jan. 21, 2013

First week of the semester, and a combination of depressing news. If you see something from the week that I missed, tell me for next week. — Bruce 1. UIUC labor problems continue. The SEIU situation is heating up. Below are links to a story in the DI and to the SEIU Facebook page whichContinue reading “Our Weekly Reader for the Week of Jan. 21, 2013”

Our Weekly Reader for the Week Beginning January 13, 2013

A new year begins. The big story this week is that the legislature continued its great tradition of punting on the pension funding situation. I won’t put any links on the top about this; there’s plenty in the e-news, and I imagine most readers are up-to-date on this. (A good op-ed is at the top.) Continue reading “Our Weekly Reader for the Week Beginning January 13, 2013”

Our Weekly Reader for Week Beginning December 9, 2012

1. The first big news this week is that the GEO ratified their contract with the University. The University wanted to put the tuition waivers into the revenue mix, but those crafty grad students outsmarted them once again. For details go to the GEO homepage  uigeo.org ; fortunately, there is no longer any need forContinue reading “Our Weekly Reader for Week Beginning December 9, 2012”

CFA Sponsors Pensions Forum at UIUC on October 16

Nick Yelverton, a pensions expert from the Illinois Federation of Teachers, will speak at UIUC on Tuesday, October 16 at 4 p.m. at the University YMCA, 1001 S. Wright St. He will highlight the threat to the constitutional guarantees for our pensions embodied in Amendment 49, a measure to be voted on in the NovemberContinue reading “CFA Sponsors Pensions Forum at UIUC on October 16”

Amendment 49- An attack on your pensions-update

The  implications  of Amendment 49 which will appear on the upcoming ballot are becoming clearer.  This amendment is a definite blow to our pensions. By making any improvement in pensions subject to 60% approval by the legislature, the amendment virtually blocks any positive measures.  This is especially serious for new faculty who are now inContinue reading “Amendment 49- An attack on your pensions-update”

November Referendum Threatens Pensions

The CFA is concerned about CA 49, a referendum on the November ballot which could potentially threaten pension benefits. We reprint here an article on CA 49 from the Chicago Sun-Times of September 23rd. We hope to have more on CA 49 as we carry on investigating its impact. the link is: http://couriernews.suntimes.com/opinions/letters/14953585-474/pensions-amendment-hides-true-impact.html Pensions amendmentContinue reading “November Referendum Threatens Pensions”

Pension Blues

Cary Nelson It’s no secret that public employee pensions are under political and legislative assault throughout the country. The effort in state capitols is being promoted by conservative think tanks that provide allied senators and representatives with model legislation that either demolishes or degrades existing pension systems. Indeed it is clear from increasing ideological attacksContinue reading “Pension Blues”

Illinois state legislature to vote soon on pension reform-take action now!!

Apparently the Illinois state legislature is determined to “solve” the pensions problem during this session. Yet none of the options they are considering offers a real solution. All of them simply shift more burden onto state employees without dealing with the crux of the issue-the need to increase revenue through a graduated income tax. ReadContinue reading “Illinois state legislature to vote soon on pension reform-take action now!!”

Slides from CFA Forum on Pension 4-24-12

Amanda Kass of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability in Chicago addressed a  CFA public forum on SURS on April 24th. She outlined the historical background of the present pensions crisis, provided a wealth of data to demonstrate how state workers are being penalized for the failure of the state to honor its obligationsContinue reading “Slides from CFA Forum on Pension 4-24-12”

CFA Response to Gov. Quinn’s Pension Proposal

Campus Faculty Association Media Release: Our Response to Governor Quinn’s Pension Proposal April 22, 2012 For Immediate Release The  Campus Faculty Association (CFA) views with grave concern any attempt by Governor Quinn or the state legislature to downgrade pensions of state employees. The governor’s proposal to raise the retirement age to 67 and increase employees’Continue reading “CFA Response to Gov. Quinn’s Pension Proposal”

Quinn: I was “put on earth” to fix the state pension crisis: The governor’s new plan

Yesterday the governor announced his plan to increase employee pension contributions and up the retirement age to 67. Read the story here and get the latest details at the CFA Public Forum on pensions, Tuesday, April 24th at 4 p.m. at the University YMCA, 1001 S. Wright St. . Speakers from Chicago’s Center for TaxContinue reading “Quinn: I was “put on earth” to fix the state pension crisis: The governor’s new plan”