Translation of Chancellor’s massmail and bargaining position

Original documents: Chancellor’s massmail (April 19) and administration bargaining positions on non-tenure-track faculty union contract

Detect language: admin-speak

Translate into: reality

  • Multiyear contracts should be based on performance and evaluation.
  • Performance evaluations are too difficult, and so the administration refuses to agree to them in the union contract.
  • The administration is not responsible for the fact that only 19 non-tenure-track faculty members across campus now have a multiyear contract. It’s just too difficult.
  • Academic freedom is good at the University of Illinois. See: AAUP Censure List.
  • Non-tenure-track faculty members subject to non-renewal at any time with no explanation should naturally trust the administration to safeguard their academic freedom.
  • Failure of the administration to safeguard academic freedom cannot be challenged under the contract, even if the administration violates its own stated procedures.