Statement of Support for Striking UIC Faculty

CFA stands in solidarity with UIC United Faculty in their efforts to secure excellent teaching and learning conditions on our sister campus. We are outraged that the University of Illinois administration continues to choose conflict over compromise and profits over people. We call on President Killeen to exercise the leadership required by this crisis andContinue reading “Statement of Support for Striking UIC Faculty”

UIC Faculty Union Responds to Governor’s Budget

From UICUF: “Our statement about the Governors budget speech: The budget plan the Governor announced yesterday is not only a catastrophe for the University but an attack on the very idea of public higher education in Illinois. He wrongly thinks that cutting back on our citizens’ access to a serious research university will grow ourContinue reading “UIC Faculty Union Responds to Governor’s Budget”

Raises in the UIC Union Contract: A Careful Look

A careful analysis of the raises in the faculty union contract at UIC shows that our colleagues in Chicago will make solid gains to their base salary: 6.75% over the past two years (2012-2014), and the campus salary program plus an additional 1% for next year (2014-15). Our analysis shows that the raise pool gainsContinue reading “Raises in the UIC Union Contract: A Careful Look”

Academic Freedom for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty: A Union Makes a Difference

Who decides what academic freedom means for non-tenure-track faculty?  What options do non-tenure-track faculty have when they are evaluated on criteria other than their job performance? According to the Statutes of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees: The commitment of the University of Illinois to the most fundamental principles of academic freedom, equality ofContinue reading “Academic Freedom for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty: A Union Makes a Difference”


By the Campus Faculty Association Organizing Committee The faculty at the University of Illinois, Chicago have ratified their historic first union contracts. Here at UIUC, the campus debate about a faculty union has involved a lot of speculation about what the effects of unionizing would be. Now fact can replace speculation, and we can lookContinue reading “UNION CONTRACTS AT UIC: WHAT DID AND DID NOT HAPPEN”

First Faculty Union Contracts Ratified at UIC!

Faculty members at University of Illinois Chicago have overwhelmingly approved their new union contracts.  Tenure-system faculty voted 98% in favor, with 97% of non-tenure-track faculty voting in favor. The contracts for tenure-system faculty and non-tenure-track faculty are available here. CFA congratulates everyone in IFT Local 6456 who worked so hard, over several years, to makeContinue reading “First Faculty Union Contracts Ratified at UIC!”

A Positive View of Faculty Unionization in the News-Gazette

The following commentary by Jim Barrett and Kathy Oberdeck appears today in the Champaign News-Gazette. An Alternative View on University Faculty Unions For the past two years, a small group of anti-union activists on campus has claimed that a democratic process of collective bargaining would be the end of the University of Illinois as weContinue reading “A Positive View of Faculty Unionization in the News-Gazette”

Faculty Unions And Pay Leveling

Certain documentation being circulated among faculty at the moment implies that unionization could eliminate merit-based pay and lead to a leveling of salaries across the  university. This is blatantly false-as the experience of dozens of unionized campuses around the country has shown. CFA has compiled a one page document, “The Myth of Pay Leveling,” whichContinue reading “Faculty Unions And Pay Leveling”

UIUC Prof Chronicles History of Faculty Unions at UIUC

UIUC has a rich history of faculty union organizing which began long before the advent of CFA.  Timothy Reese Cain of the College of Education has begun the process of chronicling that history with a short piece for the blog of the Illinois Program for Research Into the Humanties (IPRH).  We applaud Professor Cain forContinue reading “UIUC Prof Chronicles History of Faculty Unions at UIUC”

CFA Excomm Response to Court Decision on UIC faculty union efforts

At a time of great financial crisis, shrinking faculties, low salaries, and rising tuition, the University of Illinois administration has spent enormous time and money fighting an open and democratic process of faculty decision making at UIC.  A large majority of both tenure track and contingent faculty at UIC are on record in support ofContinue reading “CFA Excomm Response to Court Decision on UIC faculty union efforts”

Court overturns UIC union success

An appellate court has ruled that UIC faculty cannot form a bargaining unit that includes both tenure/tenure track faculty and contingent/adjunct faculty. To read the UIC United Faculty’s report and response go to:   Their site also contains a link to the text of the decision.  For the News-Gazette version, go to: