Labor Board Agrees: Unfreeze NTT Wages and Promotions Now

Yesterday, October 16, the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board (IELRB) held a hearing on the wage and promotion freeze that currently affects non-tenure-track faculty at UIUC. After hearing both sides, the IELRB concluded that CFA Local #6546 is in the right, and the University Administration is in the wrong. The Board recommended “injunctive relief”: that is, an immediate reversal of the wage freeze. You can view their order here [order].
This is a victory for Local #6546: the IELRB has handed down a judgment in our favor. Now the Illinois Attorney General will take the administration to court on our behalf to compel them to unfreeze the promised Campus Wage Program for all NTTs.
This is not the first time the University administration has lost in its effort to block our union and to avoid following appropriate labor law.  Ultimately Illinois taxpayers, and especially students and their parents are paying for the futile battle the university is waging against our union.

Published by Shawn Gilmore

Shawn Gilmore is a senior lecturer in English at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and the editor of The Vault of Culture, a public scholarship site that features work by a range of scholars and lay writers over a variety of cultural objects, from comics to film to novels to video games and everything in between.

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