Dear Alma| Questions about Pregnancy and Leave

Dear Alma, I am a non-tenure track faculty member and I’m now quite visibly pregnant.  So far, I have not been issued a teaching contract for next year, and I think my condition will factor into the Department Chair’s  decision about a new contract for me.  I haven’t spoken about this yet with him/her becauseContinue reading “Dear Alma| Questions about Pregnancy and Leave”

Dear Alma| Help for “Befuddled”

Dear Alma, I hear that the Academic Senate will soon receive a report from a special ad-hoc committee on compensation and benefits.  But, the Senate already has a committee charged with reviewing compensation and benefits.   What’s with all the multiplying?   If the Senate Executive Committee gave birth to a new committee, why didn’t we get a newContinue reading “Dear Alma| Help for “Befuddled””

Dear Alma| An answer for “Happy”

Dear Alma, I’m NTT, but I’m compensated well for the work I do and I have a good working relationship with the tenure-stream faculty in my unit, particularly my head. Won’t a union lower my status and make those relationships adversarial? Happy W. Whattigot Dear Happy, Glad that you are in the well-compensated minority ofContinue reading “Dear Alma| An answer for “Happy””

Dear Alma| Logical fallacies about really good universities; wacky salary scales

Dear Alma — Is it true that there are no really good universities with unions? — Gotya Thisthyme Dear Gotya (if that is your real name) — This is a tricky question. Faculty at private universities in all states, and public universities in many states are not legally allowed to unionize, so the universe forContinue reading “Dear Alma| Logical fallacies about really good universities; wacky salary scales”

Dear Alma| “Very Special” and “Statis N. Xiety”

Dear Alma — I’ve heard it said that “non-tenure track faculty is a contradiction in terms.”  What could this possibly mean? — A very special faculty member. Dear Spesh – Don’t know what it could mean.  In our view, any person who is paid to teach a course at this university is a member ofContinue reading “Dear Alma| “Very Special” and “Statis N. Xiety””

Dear Alma | Help for “Frightened” and “Redecorating”

Dear Alma, I am a lecturer who supports the union of non-tenure-track faculty at UIUC, but I’m frightened that my decision might cost me my job. Can my colleagues and I be disciplined for talking about a union at work? Signed, Frightened in Freer Dear Frightened, The answer is No. You and your colleagues haveContinue reading “Dear Alma | Help for “Frightened” and “Redecorating””