Dear Alma| Questions about Pregnancy and Leave

Dear Alma, I am a non-tenure track faculty member and I’m now quite visibly pregnant.  So far, I have not been issued a teaching contract for next year, and I think my condition will factor into the Department Chair’s  decision about a new contract for me.  I haven’t spoken about this yet with him/her becauseContinue reading “Dear Alma| Questions about Pregnancy and Leave”

Equity for Tenure-Stream Women at UIUC: A Union Can Help

In February this year, 148 female tenured and tenure-track faculty gathered at a university-sponsored event to discuss the major challenges in their professional lives [1].  Many saw the greatest challenge as “equity.”  They reported that some departments and colleges still have very few women faculty, they viewed the campus climate as “gendered” in ways thatContinue reading “Equity for Tenure-Stream Women at UIUC: A Union Can Help”