CFA Response to Troyer resignation: CFA calls for a halt to the University Enrollment Management Plan, program reviews

The Campus Faculty Association at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign is calling for an immediate moratorium on the administration’s new plan for managing enrollment, and a halt to all reviews of programs and departments, following the resignation of President Michael Hogan’s chief-of-staff, Lisa Troyer.

Our president, Dr. Harriet Murav has issued the following statement on the Troyer affair on behalf of the CFA:

The revelation that President Hogan’s chief-of-staff was using anonymous emails to pressure the Faculty Senates Conference, the highest elected faculty body in the University, is deeply troubling. We should halt the process of reviewing the enrollment management plan and take it back for a full discussion in all three campus Senates. This has not been a transparent process of deliberation and reason about an important change in how we admit students. Rather, it has been a rush job from the President’s office. It should stop now.

The plan has not had proper evaluation by the faculty and President Hogan has said he won’t take faculty input. Now we hear that his closest aide has been manipulating the situation to get the result Hogan wants. This is not shared governance and not good decision making. And once again, the University administration is involved in less than honest dealings with the faculty and the campuses.

CFA is also concerned about the processes of departmental and program review underway in a period of fiscal constraint. How can we be sure these are being conducted fairly and judiciously, and with academic integrity at the forefront?

True shared governance, strengthened by an organized faculty, can protect the university from the centralization of power for its own sake. This is a moment of peril for the U of I, and the way forward to better outcomes for students and faculty is to organize and reclaim the lead in decision making. We need to restore a focus on educational and research quality.

With a united faculty and collective bargaining, we can strengthen the Senate and give faculty a truly strong voice. The UI Chicago faculty voted for collective bargaining last spring.

[Dr. Harriet Murav, Professor of Slavic Studies, UIUC is available at: cell: 217-721-9282. Email: Home phone: 217-359-5394]

Background on the Enrollment Management Plan

Many UI faculty at all three campuses have been concerned about the Enrollment Management Plan since it was introduced early in the fall semester. It was crafted by a small group of outside consultants who heard from only one university faculty member as they designed the plan for reworking the undergraduate admissions and transfer process. A faculty senate review conducted in November found the plan murky in its intentions and vague in its analysis of costs and benefits to each campus. President Hogan has refused to slow down his push for adoption of the new enrollment plan.

After the collapse of the Global Campus initiative, the clouted admissions scandal in the Law School, and the revelation that a dean had tampered with Law School admissions statistics, the campus now faces another serious embarrassment, directly caused by the arrogance of the administration.

The Campus Faculty Association

The Campus Faculty Association has worked for more than thirty years to protect academic freedom, shared governance and high academic quality at the UIUC. We believe shared governance, in which the faculty and the administration collaborate on all matters of academic importance, is essential to the university’s strength.

CFA Contacts:
Dr. Harriet Murav, President
Professor of Slavic Studies, UIUC
Phone: 217-359-5394; cell: 217-721-9282. email:

Dr. Susan G. Davis, Communication Chair,
Professor, Communication and Library Science
phone: 217-367-4182 cell: 217-649-5383 email:

Dr. Megan McLaughlin, Organizing and Outreach
phone: 217-344-5715 email:

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