Our Weekly Reader for week beginning November 18, 2012

1. The big story of the week of course is the GEO, which has voted to authorize a strike. The most up-to-date source of information I’ve found for all GEO news is their website: http://www.uigeo.org/. The CFA is planning a separate page on its own site devoted to strike news. More details as I know them. In the meantime, the most recent stories from the DI and the News-Gazette (both after the strike-vote) are:
Relevant recent comments from the CFA website:
Weekly updates will not be timely here; please keep checking the GEO or CFA websites!

2. Any other week, the next item would have been #1, from today’s N-G: “At UI’s Urbana campus, 472 earning $150,000-plus – but that’s still fewer than in 2008”. Ricky Baldwin is quoted but nobody from CFA or, to be fair, any faculty member of any kind.
On the other hand, from Springfield, “Does UIS stiff laborers: University support staff claim pay disparity between union, non-union workers“:


3. Related to #2: articles on the corporatization of university. The first comes from RL; the second is a metafilter posting listing a dozen or so other articles. I invite readers to point out additional nuggets from these:



4. http://chronicle.com/article/Need-3-Quick-Credits-to-Play/135690/

Dangers of MOOC abuse by athletic programs wishing to make their players academically eligible; worth reading in detail.

5. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/education/ct-met-niu-turmoil-20121117,0,3441347.story

“NIU battles to overcome scandals: State school seeks new president while 10 workers are on paid leave amid allegations”
The article suggests a want-ad:

Wanted: A visionary leader to oversee the state’s third-largest public campus, where two high-ranking administrators recently resigned in disgrace, eight employees face felony theft charges and the campus police chief — once hailed a hero for his swift response to a 2008 shooting spree that left six people dead — has been placed on leave amid questions about concealed evidence in a rape case. Budget currently includes more than $15,000 per week for suspended employees who are still being paid
6. For my colleagues outside the mathematics department:


“Who Needs the Humanities at ‘Start-Up U’? Stanford says everyone does, and wants to convince the world.”

7. http://capitolfax.com/2012/11/14/fanning-urges-u-of-i-chancellor-phyllis-wise-and-trustees-not-to-eliminate-civic-leadership-program/

A passionate defense of the UI “Civic Leadership Program” on a website widely read by legislators.

8. An interview with President Easter at WUIS; was anything posted from his WILL interview?


9. On the civil service designation question


10. Fahner’s business group, faced with the failure of Amendment 49, now says that state pension problems can’t be fixed; major pushback from AFSCME.


11. Finally, Rutgers and Maryland are negotiating to join the Big Ten:


My apologies if you sent me something and I forgot to put it in. This was a busy week!


At the E-summary http://www.uillinois.edu/our/news/summary.cfm

11/12 — p.1 (DI) on the GEO, superseded by later developments.
11/12 — pp.6-7 (The Southern) “SIU changes gears, refocuses its long-term plan” — no longer to be one of the top 75 public research universities by 2019.
11/12 — p.15 (NG) Editorial: “Another warning on pension problems”

11/13 — nothing of note

11/14 — pp.2-4 (WP) “Exploring credits for free online courses” (Note: The Washington Post owns the Kaplan schools.)
11/14 — pp.9-10 (NYT) “College credit eyed for online courses”

11/15 — p.1 (NG) Civil service exemptions, see above.
11/15 — p.2 (Illinois Times) “Does UIS stiff laborers? University support staff claim pay disparity between union, non-union workers”, see above.
11/15 — p.3 (NG) Letter from Jeffrey Magee, School of Music, saying program cancellation has no real impact.
11/15 — p.4-5 (Sun-Times) “State pension crisis unfixable” (sez business group, see above.)
11/15 — p.13 (AP) “George Washington University `unranked’ by US News”, for fudging data on its students

11/16 — p.1 (NG) “Union to announce strike-vote results today”, superseded by later developments
11/16 — pp.7-9 (Chron) “Court strikes down Michigan’s ban on race-conscious college admissions”
11/16 — p.10-11 (NYT) Same topic
11/16 — pp.17-18 (NYT) “University consortium to offer small online courses for credit”
11/16 — p.19 (Trib) Same topic on “Semester Online”, including Northwestern, Notre Dame and 8 others.
11/16 — pp.24-25 (InsideHigherEd) “Seeking additional credible information about Chinese applicants, colleges use video interviews”, to check English skills, among others.

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