College of Engineering Executive Committee is Confused: CFA sets the Record Straight

Earlier this week, the Executive Committee of the College of Engineering sent a memo to all engineering faculty, retailing some of the administration’s misleading and confusing pronouncements on faculty unionization. (The CoE ExComm’s  statements appear to be drawn directly from a confusing communication the Provost’s office circulated back in 2011.) CFA sent an email message to all faculty in Engineering  setting the record straight and referring the committee to relevant sections of Illinois higher education labor law, as well as our statement (cfamission-statement_2013 ) on the record.   We believe that as faculty at UIUC discuss collective bargaining, it is a best practice for communication to be factual and accurate.  See our document on Frequently Asked Questions about  Collective Bargaining for more information.

Published by Susan Davis

I teach in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois.

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