Dear Alma| What Happens Next?

Dear Alma – That was big news last week about the non-tenure-track (NTT) faculty filing cards!  What’s up now?  Are we a union yet?


Dear Impatient,

Yes, that was big news. Now the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board will examine the signed union cards, and compare the signatures with a full list of NTT faculty signatures supplied by the University.  The University administration DOES NOT see the signed  cards.  The point is to make sure everyone who voted was a member of the non-tenure-track unit and entitled to vote. This is an important part of the legal election process, and CFA feels confident that we worked from accurate employee lists. When the election results are upheld, then we can begin to work towards our first contract.

So are the NTTs a union yet?  Yes. The IFT has assigned us a union local number!  But more important, “union is as union does”. When we get organized to act together and make things better for everyone, we’re a union!

Love, Alma

(and come to think of it, I’ve been here long enough myself to deserve a multi-year contract…)

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