Prof. Stephen Kaufman raises concerns about shared governance in the closure of UIUC College of Medicine

On Wednesday, May 13, Prof. Stephen Kaufman sent the following message to UIUC administration. He raises concerns about shared governance in the closure of the UIUC College of Medicine. The Statutes of the University of Illinois indicate that the decision to terminate the College of Medicine would require input and a vote from its faculty.

Dear President Easter, Chancellor Wise, Dean Mariscalco, Professor Campbell, President Elect Killeen and Chairman McMillan,

I bring to your attention the following provision taken from the Statutes of the University of Illinois. Accordingly, I believe the termination of the College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign requires the advice and vote of its faculty. I hope you will keep this in mind as you proceed with this serious matter.

Thank you.

Stephen Kaufman
Emeritus Professor


Section 4.              Changes in Existing Units

From time to time, circumstances will favor changes in academic organization such as the termination, separation, transfer, merger, change in status (e.g., department to school), or renaming of the academic units specified in Section 1.  The procedures for the various changes shall be the same as those specified for formation of such a unit, except that the proposal may originate in the unit(s) or at any higher administrative level.  The advice of each unit involved shall be taken and recorded by vote of the faculty by secret written ballot in accordance with the bylaws of that unit.  For transfer, merger, separation, and change in status, the procedures shall be those applicable to the type of unit which would result.  Units affected may communicate with the Board of Trustees in accordance with Article XIII, Section 4, of these Statutes.

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