Alma Answers Ethical Questions about Emails

Dear Alma

Dear Alma,

I don’t get it.  Why is it wrong for U of I administrators to use private email accounts?
Love, B. Fuddled.

Dear B,

There’s nothing wrong with using private email accounts. I passed notes in class, too. But when a court tells you to turn over all your correspondence and you do not, and the lawyers warn you to “preserve all documents”, and you deleted the lot, the penalties are more significant than having to clean the erasers after school.

Abidingly yours,

Dear Alma,

But wait.  Are these the same administrators who firmly advise us to take our “ethics training” every  year — and threaten us with penalties if we do not?

Still B.Fuddled

Dear Still B.

They took the special “Blagojevich/Ryan/Jackson/Hastert/Schock Edition” of Illinois ethics training for high-level managers.   It has only one question:

“Q. Are you good boys and girls?”

“A. Yes, we are good boys and girls. We are the bestest boys and girls in the whole wide world.”



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