Five Students Honored for Social Justice Work

In AY 2016-2017, the Campus Faculty Association awarded five $1,000 scholarships to students engaged in outstanding social justice work on campus and in the community. All recipients are students in good standing who have been enrolled during the 2016-2017 academic year. Recipients were honored in February at an awards dinner at the Bread Company inContinue reading “Five Students Honored for Social Justice Work”

Undergraduate Social Justice Scholarship

The Campus Faculty Association is proud to announce that we are awarding up to five $1000 scholarships for undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to social justice in the community. Winners will be chosen on the basis of their commitment to social justice in the community. To be considered, an undergraduate must be currentlyContinue reading “Undergraduate Social Justice Scholarship”

AAUP delegate statements against lifting censure now

  Statement by Harry Hilton, Chapter President, AAUP, Emeritus Professor of Aerospace Engineering Let me assure you that my campus colleagues can and will vouch for me that in the 6+ decades that I have been on the UIUC faculty, I have never been an administration apologist. I supported and voted for censure in bothContinue reading “AAUP delegate statements against lifting censure now”

Non-tenure-track staff deserve fair contract

This article appeared in the News-Gazette on April 17, 2016. By Susan G. Davis and Richard S. Laugesen Members of the Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition Local 6546 (the union for non-tenure-track faculty at the University of Illinois) voted on April 6 to authorize a strike. For 14 months these faculty members tried to negotiate a first contractContinue reading “Non-tenure-track staff deserve fair contract”

Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition Solidarity

The Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition #6546 has authorized a potential strike, and they are seeking support from tenure-track faculty. NTFC asks tenure-track faculty to sign the following support letter. A PDF of the letter is available here (TTSupportLetter); a Word version is available here (TTSupportLetter-4). You can return the signed letter to the Geneva Room of the McKinley FoundationContinue reading “Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition Solidarity”

Defending EIU: We are not your Whipping Boy

On March 11, Dr. Kai F. Hung of Eastern Illinois University spoke about the importance of funding Illinois public higher education. You can view his comments here: Below, Dr. Hung writes about the current challenges faced by Eastern Illinois University. — Currently, EIU is facing 2 separate, but inter-connected sets of problems. The first oneContinue reading “Defending EIU: We are not your Whipping Boy”

University employees’ health coverage and the AFSCME contract

Threat to your health coverage Governor Rauner is demanding big cuts in health insurance spending, which for employees would mean big hikes in premiums or out-of-pocket costs (or both). All university employees, including faculty, can expect to see increased health care costs if the Rauner administration prevails. The cuts are linked to ongoing contract negotiationsContinue reading “University employees’ health coverage and the AFSCME contract”

CFA Stands With Our Students, Against Racism

On November 18, following a rally in support of Black students across the US, someone started a Facebook page for a so-called “Illini White Students Union.” The page, which Facebook has since been taken down, reportedly called for surveillance of “anti-white terrorists” on the UIUC campus, and called on visitors to circulate the names andContinue reading “CFA Stands With Our Students, Against Racism”

CFA Responds to the Salaita Settlement

CFA is happy Steven Salaita has accepted the settlement approved by the Board of Trustees. Compensating Dr. Salaita, however, is only a first step. Two major concerns remain unresolved. First, the damage inflicted on the American Indian Studies Program must be made good. We call upon Chancellor Wilson and Dean Ross of the College ofContinue reading “CFA Responds to the Salaita Settlement”

Faculty Alert: U of I Pushing for Criminal Background Checks

All UIUC faculty need to be aware that the UI Administration is rapidly advancing an ill-thought-out and far-reaching criminal background check policy for faculty and staff, without adequate faculty oversight or input.  The proposed policy will be brought before the Academic Senate on Monday, Sept. 21, 2015, and if approved, will take effect October 5,Continue reading “Faculty Alert: U of I Pushing for Criminal Background Checks”

CFA sponsors Steven Salaita book event on Oct. 13

Steven Salaita, in conversation with Robert Warrior, will discuss academic freedom, free speech on campus, and the movement for justice in Palestine with the Urbana-Champaign community on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at 7 p.m. at the Independent Media Center (202 S. Broadway, Urbana). In the summer of 2014, American Indian studies scholar Steven Salaita’s appointment to aContinue reading “CFA sponsors Steven Salaita book event on Oct. 13”

No budget crisis: university gets usual amount of money from state, so far

The budget show-down in Springfield has made no difference whatsoever to the university’s financial situation so far. The Campus Faculty Association has discovered through a Freedom of Information Act request that: The amount owed to the university on previous years’ state appropriations is only $49 million, as of August 14. The university can easily cover this amount temporarily.Continue reading “No budget crisis: university gets usual amount of money from state, so far”