Our Weekly Reader for the Week of Feb. 3, 2013

It’s been a quiet week in Champaign-Urbana, at these for those of us six levels down.

1. There will be a discussion of collective bargaining in the Senate Monday 2/4 at 3:15; taken from the agenda:

XI.   Committee of the Whole (~40 min.)     The Senate will discuss collective bargaining and faculty unionization. The format will be as follows: 10 minute presentation supporting the issue, 10 minute presentation opposing the issue, and 20 minutes for questions and answers

2.  The SEIU labor situation is unresolved, and the most recent public information is at;

3. Latest on the pensions: Unions vs. Madigan


4. Other stuff:
(i) UC Berkeley chancellor to work on new AAAS initiative for public universities:


(ii) For-profit colleges with online programs are not doing so well, and …


(iii) Funding patterns of various University of California campuses.

As always, I welcome suggested articles from the readers, several of which are listed above (thanks to SD and MM.) The rest are from the invaluable http://www.uillinois.edu/our/news/summary.cfm

============= From http://www.uillinois.edu/our/news/summary.cfm  =======
1/28 — p.1 (NG) Jim Dey on the Board of Trustees
1/28 — pp.2-4 (NG, DI) On SEIU, see above and last week
1/28 — p.10 (KWWL) Ghosh/UNI, see last week
1/28 — pp.22-23 (LA Times) Initiative for public universities, see above
1/28 — pp.28-33 (NYT) MOOCs go to Davos, Thomas Friedman checks in

1/29 — pp.1-7 (various) Grainger gift to UI Engineering
1/29 — pp.8-9 (NG,DI) Most recent meeting of Senate Executive Committee.
1/29 — pp.21-22 (Maine Today) U-Maine-Augusta to institute BS in aviation; interesting to see this in the summary
1/30 — p.8 (IHE) On Obama’s immigration plan, STEM visas, science education and paths to citizenship
1/30 — pp.9-10 (IHE) Second R governor (FL, NC) to criticize funding for liberal arts in higher education
1/30 — p.25 (Trib) “Ex-member of ethics panel gets ethics fine”
1/31 — p.1 (NG) Resolution of job-classification issue for now
1/31 — pp.11-12 (Trib,NG) “Madigan rejects unions’ call for pension summit”, see above
1/31 — pp.15-19 (Chron) The fabled NCAA “student assistance fund” is sometimes diverted for administrative costs. Surprise, surprise.
1/31 — pp.20-25 (IHE) Funding at UC, see above.
2/1 — pp.14-20 (Various) Returns on University endowments: UIF = $1.67 billion.

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