Mary Mallory

MARY MALLORY Associate Professor, Library Collective bargaining can provide fairness and equity in health and wellness benefits, pensions, and salaries. These are bread-and-butter issues. We all deserve solutions—roses too. In addition, multiple voices with diverse advocacies are now required in support of continuous excellence in higher education, in particular at public institutions. Give their missionContinue reading “Mary Mallory”

James Barrett

JAMES BARRETT Professor, History Unionization will help us protect salaries and benefits, which will help to recruit and retain faculty and also do something more important. As the administration turns toward a corporate model for the university, collective bargaining will provide our faculty with a more powerful, independent voice in the complex process of governance.Continue reading “James Barrett”

D. Fairchild Ruggles

D. FAIRCHILD RUGGLES Professor, Landscape Architecture Faculty members deserve adequate health insurance, stable pensions, reliable salaries that are not subject to thinly disguised cuts, and a working day that is not extended to twelve or fourteen hours because of staffing reductions. When we act collectively, we have a better chance of maintaining academic excellence, helpingContinue reading “D. Fairchild Ruggles”

Rochelle Gutierrez

ROCHELLE GUTIERREZ Professor, Curriculum and Instruction In an era of constant attacks on higher education from the corporate world, I want to be part of a university where we have a greater say in the way the academy can be run and can contribute to society. A union can help us do that.

Angela Wiley

ANGELA WILEY Associate Professor, Human and Community Development Shared governance at the university makes sense as higher education rapidly evolves in ways that threaten our overall mission. Having faculty truly participate in decision making allows a world-class institution to make full use of the intellectual resources within it. Making faculty full participants in governance wouldContinue reading “Angela Wiley”