Harry Liebersohn

HARRY LIEBERSOHN Professor, History I’m interested in the overall well-being of our campus. A collective bargaining unit will improve our ability as faculty to play a constructive role in shaping the university’s future, in the best tradition of shared governance.

Inger Stole

Inger Stole Associate Professor, Communication Shared governance is the key to a fair and democratic workplace. A faculty union to secure this right and protect the integrity of public higher education has my fullest support.

Martin F. Manalansan IV

MARTIN F. MANALANSAN IV Associate Professor, Anthropology and Asian American Studies While we may be living in a time of economic and political crises, we should always be actively engaged with and vigilantly supporting collective bargaining and union organizing. Labor and workers’ rights have always been the backbone of any intellectual and material pursuit atContinue reading “Martin F. Manalansan IV”

Michael Kral

MICHAEL KRAL Associate Professor, Julian Rappaport Professorial Scholar, Psychology and Anthropology My faculty union in Canada was extremely helpful to its members. A union on this campus will give faculty a voice in the running of the university and make the university a more equitable place to work.

Dan Schiller

Dan Schiller Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science The university needs to reinvigorate itself as an institution of public higher education. The faculty must play an essential role in this process, and a union will help us assume that responsibility.

Erik McDuffie

ERIK McDUFFIE Associate Professor, History and African American Studies A union would provide faculty with a collective voice for fighting for our dignity and rights and for addressing broader issues of social justice on campus and in the community.

Bruce Reznick

BRUCE REZNICK Professor, Mathematics; Fellow of the American Mathematical Society (2012) I support the union to restore the proper balance in decision making between the working faculty and the administration. Collective bargaining ensures that the voice of the working faculty will be heard, even when some find its message inconvenient.

David O’Brien

DAVID O’BRIEN Associate Professor, Art History Unionization is necessary to improve the university because our faculty have lost much of their ability to provide input and guidance to the administration. A union will help restore the power of our voice in how the university is run and reverse the decline in the university’s standing.

Kay Emmert

KAY EMMERT Lecturer, English A union is a way to ensure that non-tenure-track faculty have a voice. Making us part of the conversation is a clear way of showing us that our contributions matter, and we can be more deeply invested in our community.