Dana Rabin

DANA RABIN Associate Professor, History Higher education is undergoing numerous changes today, and the voice of the faculty has become faint. A union will enable us to weather these changes together and to construct a path forward so that we can be better scholars, be better teachers, and better serve the mission of the university.

Dean Reichers

DEAN REICHERS Professor, Crop Sciences A larger collective body provides an effective way for faculty members’ voices to be heard on the university’s central academic mission and priorities, to improve the quality of higher education and academic scholarship, and to ensure fair and equitable working conditions.

Kathryn Clancy

KATHRYN CLANCY Assistant Professor, Anthropology I support unions, period. I want a real seat at the table and power behind my negotiations. Universities are stronger and better when they acknowledge workers’ rights and help us achieve both a high-quality job and a high-quality life.

Numa Markee

NUMA MARKEE Associate Professor, Linguistics, Italian, and Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education Unionization will improve the faculty’s access to information about the university’s financial resources and promote democratic processes of collective bargaining.

Mira Sotirovic

MIRA SOTIROVIC Associate Professor, Journalism I believe in equal rights for all workers. Our voices matter only if we organize. My support for a faculty union is a statement of solidarity with all those who demand fairness in the workplace.

Mark Leff

MARK LEFF Associate Professor Emeritus, History I wish that H. G. Wells’s warning about human history becoming “a race between education and catastrophe” didn’t apply to our campus today. I don’t want to look back over the early years of my career here as the university’s golden age, before faculty voices and ideas of democratic,Continue reading “Mark Leff”

Al Kagan

AL KAGAN Professor Emeritus, Library Administration As state support for the university continues to shrink, mergers and cuts are being made all over campus. At the state level, our pensions are in real jeopardy, and health care for retirees has already been cut. If we expect to get raises and have any hope of preventingContinue reading “Al Kagan”

Rolando Romero

ROLANDO ROMERO Associate Professor, Latina/Latino Studies Working-class proclivities are built into the Chicana/Chicano cultural DNA. Such films as Salt of the Earth (1954), novels such as Fernando del Paso’s José Trigo (1966), and César Chávez’s work as a union organizer all point to the cultural alliances and strong sense of equality in the union movement.Continue reading “Rolando Romero”

Robert Rushing

ROBERT RUSHING Associate Professor, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese In the face of ever-shrinking budgets and the corporatization of state higher education, a faculty union is the only way forward. We need to push back against the shrinking professoriate, vanishing retirement benefits, and exploitation of graduate student and adjunct labor that threaten the integrity, value, andContinue reading “Robert Rushing”