Dear Alma | Confused By Posters ?

Dear Alma,
Suddenly, posters appeared in our departmental mail room saying that the American Federation of Teachers has submitted a “majority interest petition” to represent full-time non-tenure-track (NTT) faculty in a union. But I thought the CFA was organizing a union. Are you guys competing with each other, working together, or what?
Dear Conn,
Quick answer: We are working in partnership with the American Federation of Teachers, Illinois Federation of Teachers, and American Association of University Professors, just as the faculty in Chicago have done successfully in their union. Those posters in your mail room are a direct result of CFA’s recent filing for union representation for the full-time NTTs. The employer is obliged by law to post these official notices, informing you that the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board is busy reviewing union card signatures in the process called “certification.”
I know those black and white posters aren’t as pretty as the ones CFA produced for the organizing campaign, but they are a beautiful sight nonetheless!
Love Alma

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