Administration Withholds Promotion Raises Promised to “Specialized Faculty” by Provost’s Communication #25

The administration exerted its power this month by refusing to give raises to newly promoted non-tenure-track faculty. In the face of this unilateral action, the need for a union has never been clearer. See the email below for details (sent by Dr. Kristina Riedel to the Provost, the incoming Dean of LAS, and  Elabbas Benmamoun (Dept of Linguistics) on August 12, 2014).

Dear Provost Adesida, Dean Wilson, and Abbas,

I am writing to you today to express my disappointment with your recent actions towards non-tenure track faculty members who are now covered by collective bargaining. Just before the end of the spring semester of this year, I was assured by Dean Wilson in front of the entire senate that specialized faculty who were promoted would be given raises this fall based on communication #25. However, despite this assurance all specialized faculty -including those promoted- were denied raises this fall. [This was done] despite the fact that the new union has issued several statements (on August 7 and August 11) to point out that there are no legal or other objections to implementing promised raises. Many of us very much welcomed the provost’s office’s initiative to improve the working conditions and recognition of non-tenure track faculty this spring and we are all the more disappointed to see this being reversed in an apparent effort to keep faculty from participating in collective bargaining. I intend to raise this issue in the senate but I would welcome your response even in advance of that discussion. Best wishes, Dr. Kristina Riedel, Director and Coordinator of Sub-Saharan African Languages Advisor for Sub-Saharan African Languages Minor Department of Linguistics

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